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Sutton Veny - OPC Vacancy

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Sutton Veny - St John The Evangelist|Sutton Veny - St. Leonard Sutton Veny - St John The Evangelist|Sutton Veny - St. Leonard |

Sutton Veny Photo Gallery

Contiguous Parishes (our neighbours)

Bishopstrow - Brixton Deverill - Heytesbury - Hill Deverill - Longbridge Deverill - Norton Bavant - Warminster


Websites of Interest

Duncan and Mandy Ball's website for images of St. John the Evangelist and St. Leonard's.
GenUKI for information relating to Wiltshire and Sutton Veny.
Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - The Wiltshire County Archives for all historical documents and the place to obtain original copies
Wiltshire Community History - Historical information for parishes within the Wiltshire County jurisdiction.
Old Maps - Historical Map archive showing Sutton Veny.
Marilyn Prime - Sutton Veny Records.


The Parish Churches of St. John The Evangelist and St. Leonard

St. John The Evangelist

St. John the Evangelist Gallery                St. John Churchyard Gallery

Churches Conservation Trust Interesting Parish Register Entries Rectors List 1297-2004
Incumbents List 1550-1832 Choral Festival 1871  
Church Memorials & Window Dedications

Please note that details of Military and War Memorial Plaques will be found in the War, Conflict and Military Matters Section

D. G. Stephen Neale (Window) William & Mary Anne Parham (Window) Edmund Sharpe 1852 (Window)
Ann Grace Fowle 1667 (Window) Richard Southby Thring 1875 (Window) Richard & Harriet Elling 1878 (Window)
Charles Pell Heigham 1878 (Window) Mary Millet 1878 (Window) Cyril Minshull Thornton 1908 (Plaque)
Leonard William Dawson Everett 1911 (Plaque) Richard Bower Memorial 1911 (Plaque) Margaret Katharine Alexander 1929 (Plaque)

St. Leonard

St. Leonard Church Gallery                 St. Leonard Churchyard Gallery

Churchyard Survey            Churchyard Memorials List           Map of Headstone Locations           Map of Listed Monuments Locations

Parish Register Transcripts

1751-1799          1800-1824


1653-1699           1700-1749          1750-1799          1800-1824


1654-1749          1750-1799          1850-1899          1900-1950          1951-1983


1653-1753          1754-1812

Parish Registers held at WSHC

Baptisms 1571-1972
Marriages 1654-2005
Burials 1654-1987

For More Parish Registers, Census and Poor Law information, visit my website Marilyn Prime.


Parish History

Sutton Veny is a small village in the Wylye Valley in the south of Wiltshire, about 3 miles South-east of Warminster and almost 20 miles to Salisbury in the south-east.           The village name is derived from "Sutton" which means South farmstead in relation to Norton Bavant, which is about one mile to the North.  "Veny" could be either a French family name - or a description of the village's marshy situation - i.e. "in the fens".           There are two Anglican Churches in the village - the old church of St. Leonard's which is in the oldest part of the village that was known as Great Sutton and the 'new' Church of St. John the Evangelist.  There is an Australian War Commission Cemetery at St. John's where 127 Australian Members of Military Forces are buried as a result of the 1918 flue epidemic.          St. John's is situated beside to the present primary school. There has been a school in Sutton Veny since the 1850's. The original school building is now a private house just off Duck Lane. By 1249, Sutton Veny comprised two settlements - Great Sutton and Little Sutton.            The population of the parish in 1831 was 848 and 568 in 1951.

Population Figures 1801-2011           Lewis's Topographical Dictionary Of England 1845

Civil Registration

1837 - Present Warminster Registration District


Buildings and Land

Domesday Book Entry Transfer of Land Tenure 1648 Dwelling House and Malt House to Let 1767
Appointment of Select Commissioners for Land and Assessed Taxes 1842 Owners of Land 1873 Four Cottages Burnt Out 1913
Best Kept Village 2002 Village Hall Re-opens 2006  

Ancient Monuments 

Sutton Veny has 12 Ancient Monuments - 4 of which were listed on the "At Risk" list for 2011    Ancient Monuments

Listed Buildings

Grade I - Buildings of outstanding architectural or historic interest

St. John the Evangelist Church

Grade II* - Buildings are particularly important and of more than special interest

Old Manor House

Grade II - Buildings and Monuments are nationally important and of special interest
Aisled Barn at Greenhill Farm Ashbys Church of St. Leonard
Coach House at Ashbys Dew Monument - Churchyard of St. Leonard Dovecote at Ashbys
68 Duck Street Exton Monument - Churchyard of St. Leonard Glebe Farmhouse
Gosney & Dutch Monument in Churchyard of St. Leonard Granary & Stable at Ashbys Greenhill Farm
8 High Street Huntsman Lodge Job's Mill
K6 Telephone Kiosk Knapp with Stables, Walls etc. Little Newnham
Lodge to Sutton Veny House Long & Dew Monuments - Churchyard of St. Leonard Manymans Mead
Milepost opposite School Milestone Cottage Milestone to rear of Milestone Cottage
Milestone to rear of Milestone Cottage North Lodge Old House
Polebridge Sutton Parva House Sutton Veny House
Sutton Veny Primary School Three Long Monuments - Churchyard of St. Leonard (10-14 metres) Three Long Monuments - Churchyard of St. Leonard (24 Metres)
Two Hinton Monuments - Churchyard of St. Leonard Whatley Monument - Churchyard of St. Leonard  

Public Houses

Public Houses Gallery

Woolpack Inn

Woolpack Inn 2009

Property for Auction, Sale or Let

Barters Forge Sold 2014 Halse House Sold 2014 7 High Street For Sale 2014 Manor House Sold 2014
Rookery Cottage For Sale 2014      

Crime and Legal Matters

Wilts Quarter Sessions 1648 Wanton Outrage 1841 Crime Reports 1850-1899 Lamb Stealing 1896
Crime Reports 1900-1949 Child Neglect 1914    


Post Office 1849 Post Office 1855 Post Office 1859 Harrods 1865 Kellys 1867 Post Office 1875
Kellys 1880 Kellys 1889 Kellys 1895 Kellys 1898 Kellys 1903 Kellys 1907
Kellys 1911 Kellys 1915 Kellys 1920 Kellys 1927 Kellys 1939  


School Masters 1674-1721           Plans for School Revamp 2007           School Bell 2007-2009


Emigration and Migration

Strays Index


Employment and Business

Agriculture and Land

Gamekeepers Certificates 1807                  Shepherd's Prizes 1886


UK Register of Duties Paid for Apprentices 1756-1804

Articles of Clerkship 

Articles of Clerkship were contracts between an apprentice clerk & an attorney who agreed to train the clerk to become an attorney or solicitor.

Samuel Walter Long 1810           John Tivitoe Thring 1806           William Dugdale Thring 1835           William Dugdale Thring 1838


Wiltshire Brewed Beers at the Hyde Tavern Festival, Winchester 2016


Master & Mates Certificates

Albert Henry Parham 1860-1867           Arthur Lauriston Powell 1879-1885


Miscellaneous Documents


Non Conformity and Other Places of Worship


People and Parish Notables

Creditors & Bankrupts 1750-1799 UK Death Duty Registers 1796-1811 Family Notices
  Wedding Report of Emma Everett to Rev. Henry Ravenhill 1866 Life Events from Warminster Parish Magazine 1901
Life Events from Warminster Parish Magazine 1902 Death & Funeral Report of Richard Bower 1911 Funeral Report of Robert Elling 1916
Funeral Report of Mary Everett 1920 George Musselwite - Home after 46 Years on a Short Walk 1926 Wedding Report - Goodall & Moore 1944

Associations, Clubs, Organisations and Societies

Wiltshire Friendly Society Membership 1827-1871

Census Return Transcripts

1821         1831         1851

The 1821 and 1831 Census lists heads of households and the number of males and females in residence only

Electoral Registers & Poll Books

Poll of Freeholders 1772  Poll of Freeholder 1772 (Great Sutton) Poll of Freeholders 1772 (Little Sutton) Poll Book 1818
Poll Book 1865 MP Nominations 2015  

Family Notices

1700-1799           1800-1849          1900-1949

Inquest Reports

Joseph Barter 1884 Richard Bower 1911 Isaac Everley 1846 John Hinton 1886
George Shergold 1913 Stephen Whatley 1905    

Poor Law, Charity and the Workhouse

Wiltshire Removal Orders 1670-1890           Extracts from the Overseers Accounts Books 1802-1835           Parishioners receiving fortnightly Relief 1817            Parish Relief Payments 1814-1815



Probate Index at WSHC 1542-1881

Parishioners Wills

William Diet Proved 1590 Ann Randall Proved 1735/36 Richard Hawkins Proved 1760
Mary Bayly Thring Proved 1825 William Francis Long Proved 1831  


War, Conflict and Military Matters

Military Camps Photo Gallery                 War Graves Photo Gallery

Why the Poppy Records of Armed Forces - Army 1792 Chelsea Pensioner - John Earle 1816
Chelsea Pensioner - James Abbott 1817 Royal Navy Register of Seamen's Services 1878-1897 Alexander Family Plaque in St. John's Church 1883-1952
Colonel Alan Hinings Plaque in St. John's 1998 Hunt for Wartime Clues 2012 Australia's Fallen Remembered in an English Country Churchyard 2014
New Visitor Information Panel for War Graves 2014    

Military Camps

Sergeants Mess 1919


Abbreviations used in Australian Service Records Australian Recruitment Posters Disposal Order of Medals of Australian Casualties
Headstone Costs of Australian Forces Imperial War Graves Commission Pamphlet on Cemetery & Memorial Registers Influenza Epidemic
Medical Classifications for Wounded & Sick Australian Soldiers No photographs of Permanent A. I. F Headstones Photographs of Temporary Memorials of Australian Casualties
  Recruitment Posters WWI Diocese of Salisbury Memorial Book 1914-1918
Church Roll of Honour 1914-1919 Inquest Report on William Shannon 1915  
Inquest Report on Arthur Bosanquet 1918 Australian Prime Minister Addresses Troops 1919 Australian Sick 1919
Australian Troops Going Home 1919 Australians Homeward 1919 Discontent Among Soldiers 1919
Letters to Families of Australian Casualties 1920 Remembered in England 1920 Australian Burials Abroad 1921
British Red Cross/VAD Volunteers

Dora Hancock 1915-1919 

Casualties of WWI
Sidney Arthur Hinton 1914 Robert Alexander Colvin 1915 Harold Charles Cooper 1915
Frederick Stanley Doughty 1915 Ernest James Hibberd 1916 George Nelson Cooper 1917
Walter Crouch 1917 Sidney Charles Everett 1917 Herbert Harold Hooker 1917
Frank Snelgrove 1917 Thomas Webb 1917/td> Harry Barter 1918
Reginald Alfred Haines 1918 Hector Thomas Stewart Hicks 1918 Arthur Charles Pond 1918
Greenhill House During WWI

Greenhill House Photo Gallery

St. John Churchyard Military Burials of WWI

St. Johns Churchyard Military Burials Gallery                More War Burials Photo Gallery                Nursing Services War Grave Photo Gallery

St. John the Evangelist Churchyard, Sutton Veny contains 168 WWI Burials, 167 of them in a plot at the north west corner of the church. 143 of these WWI burials are Australians.  There is only one WWII burial in the Churchyard (see WWII heading).          The 26th Division was concentrated at Sutton Veny in April, 1915 and No. 1 Australian Command was in Sutton Veny from the end of 1916 to October, 1919. There was also a hutted Military Hospital of more than 1,200 beds at Sutton Veny for much of the First World War and the No. 1 Australian General Hospital was relocated at Sutton Veny from Rouen, France in January, 1919.

Nursing Sisters Monumental Inscriptions           Summary Table Details of Nursing Sisters           Summary Table Details of Australian Servicemen

Australian Burials
William Charles Cerini 1916 Albert Ernest Hodges 1916 Albert James Anderson aka Hegarty 1917
Alfred Atkins 1917 Victor Best 1917 Francis Alcide Adrian Bonnefin 1917
Harry James Gordon Boon 1917 Arthur Edward Carson 1917 Joseph Harold Durkin 1917
Edward Joseph Laracy 1917 Richard Paul Mitchell aka Arthur Harold Jones 1917 Alfred Harold Ostrom 1917
James Richard Owens 1917 William Joseph Sims 1917 Ezekiel James Smiley 1917
Arthur Leslie Thomas Smith 1917/a> Frederick Joseph White 1917 William Thomas Andrews 1918
Andrew Gerald Balding 1918 George Henry Bantick 1918 Jack Baxter 1918
Norman Francis Henry Beggs 1918 Alick Berry 1918 Albert James Borgmeyer 1918
John Bryans 1918 John Leslie Cameron 1918 Robert John Cameron 1918
William Hardacre Carey 1918 Francis Joseph Collis 1918 Victor Harold Conley 1918
George Sandford Cox 1918 John Spencer Cussen 1918 Robert Henry Darker 1918
Patrick Degidan 1918 Daniel David Donnelly 1918 Charles James Evans 1918
Patrick James Flakelar 1918 George Henry Fletcher 1918 Oscar William Flodin 1918
Alfred James Fordham 1918 Archibald Alexander Forsyth 1918 Wyndham Jones Griffiths 1918
Ernest Charles Henry 1918 Arthur Thomas Jacobs 1918 Albury Fullerton Jones 1918
Sidney Donald Kirk 1918 William Kitchin 1918 William James Lane 1918
Henry Lewis 1918 Charles Edward Lilley 1918 Denis George Maloney 1918
Alick Raymond Matthews 1918 John Law McLuckie 1918 Angus Cameron McPherson 1918
Cecil John McPherson 1918 Herbert Alfred Meacham 1918 Thomas Frederick Morris 1918
Thomas Nathaniel Niven 1918 Herbert Garonne Nixon 1918 Frederick Neil Olsson 1918
John Page, MM 1918 Robert Spencer Parker 1918 Ernest Alexander Paterson 1918
Norman George Peut 1918 Charles Horace Pittard 1918 Harold Alexander Plummer 1918
James Podmore 1918 Edward Rose 1918 Arthur Ernest Proud 1918
George Robinson 1918 Cyril Henry Robert Rosenthal 1918 Cecil Henry Rosevear 1918
William Edmund Sager 1918 William Harold Sampson 1918 Roland Henry Simpson 1918
Edward Scott-Millar aka McQuake Millar 1918 James Willis Smith 1918 John Jacob Stoops 1918
Bedwell William Surman 1918 William Robert Syle 1918 George Taylor aka Thomas Sabien Burgess 1918
Aubrey Leslie Tubb 1918 Charles Jakeman Vanderwolf 1918 William Bertram Wakefield 1918
Edward Walker 1918 Jean Miles Walker, RRC. 1918 Frank Watts 1918
George Webber, MM 1918 Ernest Wickham Willows 1918 Russell Gordon Witts 1918
Alfred John Yeark 1918 David Cairns Young 1918 Eric Gordon Arentz 1919
Charles Gerald Ashton 1919 Thomas Francis Bailey 1919 Herbert Roy Bakes 1919
Albert James Braddish 1919 David William Burgess 1919 Murdock William Cameron 1919
Sydney Cuthbert Collingwood 1919 John William Cunningham 1919 Kenneth Grant Drake 1919
Edward Eaton 1919 William Harold Ellery 1919 Gordon Christopher Gardner 1919
Francis Henry Garrett 1919 William James Grills 1919 Archibald Haddow 1919
George Hearn 1919 Donald Cameron Higgins 1919 Frank John Hill 1919
Frank Pearce Yarrington Huet 1919 Archibald Leonard Jago 1919 Edward Stamford Jones 1919
Archibald McKelvie 1919 John William Laidlaw, DCM 1919 Dudley Massey Lapish 1919
George Richard Leach 1919 Charles George Matthews 1919 Joseph James McCurdy 1919
Henry Edwin Walter Moore 1919 Richard Lewis Morton 1919 Robert Hampden Murray 1919
Edward Mytton 1919 Charles Owen 1919 Arthur Leslie Parkes 1919
Samuel Polkinghorne, MM 1919 Robert Quick 1919 William Norman Quihampton 1919
Herbert Ryan 1919 Thomas Ryan 1919 Joseph Sampson 1919
Alfred Edward Shepperd 1919 Alfred John Skinner 1919 Harold South 1919
Frank Leslie Sowton 1919 John William Thompson 1919 Albert John Thomson 1919td>
John David Vincent 1919 Fanny Isobel Catherine Tyson 1919/a> Samuel George Widdows 1919
Ernest Henry Wilkes 1919 Harold Henry Worseldine 1919
British Burials
Thomas Brown 1915 Joseph Clements 1915 Frederick Hand 1915
Ronald Thackell Wall 1915 Katie Bolger 1916 Reuben Bygrave 1916
R. C. Cooper 1916 William Edward Hemmings 1916 John Frederick Lacey 1916
J. Merriner 1916 Albert Edward Milham 1916 Arthur Francis Monnoyer 1916
Robert Ernest Reid 1916 Turner Swallow 1916 A. Wilson 1916
William Hall 1917 H. J. James 1917 W. Robinson 1917
Leonard George Scudamore 1917 S. G. Snell 1917 Wilmer Frederick Hunt Barrett 1918
John Charles Stuart 1918 Harry Bronard Ward 1918 F. Allen 1919
F. H. Lever 1919    
Sutton Veny Camp

Poems & Songs           No. 1 Australian General Hospital           Some of the Boys 1915           Murder or Suicide? 1917            Camp Murder Hanging 1918

Letters Home to Australia

Pte. Charles Herbert Stewart 1917-1918           Pte. Hugh Ramsay Veitch 1917-1918           L/Cpl. John Robertson Hawke 1917-1919


Peter Graham & William Paul Hobbs Memorial in St. John's WWII           WWII Pillbox           St. John Churchyard Burial - Violet Evelyn Morgan 1942          Home Guards 1940-1944

Casualties of WWII
John Baskivell Hinton 1941 Peter Graham Hobbs 1942 Cyril Ernest Hudd 1942
Ivan William Mitchell 1942 Hubert Samuel Pickford 1942 William Paul Hobbs 1943
Frank Ivan Haskell 1944    

Anzac Day Services

Anzac Day is one of Australia’s important national commemorative occasions. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces (ANZAC – Australian & New Zealand Army Corps) during the First World War.           On 25th April, 1915, Australian and New Zealand soldiers – ANZACS, formed part of the allied expedition that set out to capture the Gallipoli peninsula, in order to open the Dardanelles to the allied Navies. At the end of 1915, the allied forces were evacuated. Both sides suffered heavy casualties and endured great hardships. Over 8,000 Australian soldiers were killed. News of the landing on Gallipoli and the events that followed had a profound impact on Australians & New Zealanders at home. The 25th of April soon became the day on which Australians remember the sacrifice of those who had died in the war.           Anzac Day today, in Australia & New Zealand, is a national day of remembrance which commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders “who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations" and "the contribution and suffering of all those who have served”.  Anzac Day Services Photo Gallery

Anzac Day Remembered 1920 Anzac Day 1930 Anzac Day 1931
Honouring Australian Casualties 1933 Sympathetic Gesture 1933 Anzac Day 1934
Anzac Day in England 1951 Overseas Anzac Ceremonies 1953 Remembered 1953
Village Remembers Anzacs 1957 Pupils Pay Respects 2002 Tributes to Anzac Soldiers 2004
Special Anzac Day 2013 Poignant Show of Respect for Fallen Heroes 2014 Pupils Commemorate Centenary on Anzac Day 2015

War Memorial

War Memorial Photo Gallery

The Sutton Veny War Memorial stands in the foreground of St. John's Church. It was formerly dedicated on 15th February, 1920. The War Memorial contains the names of twenty two Men who died in both Wars - fifteen from WWI and seven from WWII.  A Cross of Sacrifice was placed in the Churchyard in 1923 by the then named Imperial War Graves Commission (now CWGC) in memory of the many War Graves located in the Churchyard.

War Memorial Names WWI & WWII           Summary of Casualties Named on War Memorial WWI & WWII            War Memorial Dedication Ceremony 1920

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