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Bremhill - The OPC is Teresa Lewis

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Bremhill - St. Martin Bremhill - St. Martin

Bremhill Village Photo Gallery

Contiguous Parishes (our neighbours)

Calne - Chippenham - Christian Malford - Highway - Hilmarton - Lyneham - Sutton Benger - Tytherton Kellaways



GenUKI - For information on Bremhill
Bremhill - Parish website
Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - The Wiltshire County Archives for all historical documents and the place to obtain original copies
Wiltshire Community History - Historical information for parishes within the Wiltshire County jurisdiction.
Register of One-Place Studies - Bremhill Entry


The Parish Church of St. Martin

A Short Description of St. Martin's Church               St. Martin's Church Gallery               Churchyard Gallery                St. Martin's Churchyard Survey

Incumbents List 1547-1831  Rector's Sermon Published 1777 Church Matters 1800-1849
Battle of Waterloo Sermon and Collection 1815 Church Matters 1850-1899 Church Re-Opening 1850
Sudden Death of Rev Henry Drury 1863 Obituary of Venerable Archdeacon Drury 1863 Archdeacon Drury Memorial Service 1864
Obituary of Rev Charles A Harris 1874 Church Matters 1900-1949  

Books Relating to the Church

Parochial History of Bremhill 1828       

Parish Register Transcripts





Please note that the burials records above are just 6 entries found in family history papers and are from copies of the registers

Parish Registers held at WSHC

Baptisms 1591-1990
Marriages 1598-1993
Burials 1590-1874

Old Parish Register 1932


William Lisle Bowles (Rector)

The Poetical Works of William Lisle Bowles

Publications by W. L. Bowles 1805-1827 Memoir to W. L. Bowles 1820 Poem - Lockswell Spring by W L Bowles 1822
Epitaph by W. L. Bowles to Benjamin Tremlyn 1823 Epitaph by W. L. Bowles to John Dark 1824 Epitaph by W. L. Bowles to R S Smith 1832
Epitaph by W. L. Bowles to John Harding 1835 Address to Chippenham Agricultural Association 1836 W. L.  Bowles Ailment & Recovery 1840
Obituary of Rev W. L. Bowles 1850 W. L. Bowles Memorial Tablet 1851 Posthumous Publication about the Life of W. L. Bowles 1853


Parish History

The parish of Bremhill (formerly known as Brimble) is 4 miles east of Chippenham and includes the tythings of Charlcutt, East Tytherton, Foxham & Spirthill and Studley

Christmas Festivities 1820-1837

Civil Registration

1837 - April 1936 Calne Registration District
April 1836 - Present Chippenham Registration District

Parish Newsletters 

July 2013 August 2013 September 2013 October 2013 November 2013 December 2013
January 2014 February 2014 March 2014 April 2014 May 2014 June 2014
July 2014 August 2014 September 2014 October 2014  November 2014 December 2014
January 2015 February 2015 March 2015 April 2015 May 2015 June 2015 
July 2015 August 2015 October 2016 November 2016 December 2016 January 2017
February 2017 March 2017 July 2017  August 2017 September 2017 October 2017
November 2017 December 2017 January 2018 February 2018    

The first issue was published in July 2013 - Some of the Newsletters missing after that date are due to non publication or are no longer available.  Should these be retrieved at a later date they will be included in date order.


Buildings and Land

Fires in the Parish 1800-1849 Land & Building News 1800-1849 Farm Blaze 1801
Land & Buildings to Let 1817 Sale of Bremhill House and Farm 1833-1834 Fires in the Parish 1850-1899
Land & Building News 1850-1899 Owners of Land 1873 Maude Heath Legacy 1898
Lightning Caused Cottages Fire 1905 Fire Destroys Farmhouse Dairy 1908 Lightning Strike 1938
Grant for Village Hall 2009    


Ordnance Surveyor's Drawings 1813-1814

Crime Reports 1800-1849 Inmates of Gloucester Gaol 1815-1879 Theft from Shopkeeper 1830
Daring Burglary 1832 Turnpike Outrage 1833 Burglary at the Dumb Post Inn 1837
Transported for Stealing a Harness & Saddle 1837 Anne Sims, Poacher 1663-1775 Remembered 1846 Crime Reports 1850-1899
Death of a Baby 1851 Night Poachers 1851 Theft from Calne Baker 1858
Theft of Lead 1859 Horses, Drink & Embezzlement 1860 Thieving Chimney Sweep 1865
Trespass and Poaching Charges 1865 Charges of Assault, Drunk & Disorderly 1872 Crime Reports 1900-1949
Fraudulent Sale of Zither Harps 1905 Breaking and Entering 1928 Dangerous Driving Charge 1931
Vicar Left Motor Car Engine Running 1937 Fowl Unfit for Sale 1939  More Fowl Unfit For Sale 1941

Crime & Legal Matters

Bastardy Examinations

The definition of a bastard for the period when examinations were carried out by  parish overseers and local justices is as follows:-  any child born out of wedlock including those where the mother and father later marry, children of a second marriage whilst the first wife is still living; the issue of divorced couples; children born where the husband is known to have been abroad for some years; A child born after the father has died.  The definition has evolved since the Act of 1732/33 where a “single mother” was by law obliged to declare her pregnancy and state the name of the reputed father.  Some parish registers may record the words base-born against a baptism record and some may even name the reputed father.  Below are some of the surviving bastardy examination reports transcribed from various sources such as court books and overseers accounts.  It is interesting to note that only the mother’s and witnesses’ oaths seem to be recorded even though the defendant would have been summoned to the hearing.  Perhaps their evidence was pre-delivered for the examiners to peruse before the mother was required to prove her case.  It is also interesting to read the language used to describe the situation the mother found herself in and the circumstances in which the child was conceived.  It would appear that the examination itself would not have been a pleasant experience for plaintiff or defendant no matter what the outcome.                Bastardy Examinations 1852-1872

Dolman v Dolman 1861-1862          Duck v Webb 1852-1853               Hadrell v Cook 1855          Hadrell v Wilkins 1872   


Police Officer Found Lost Bank Notes 1866         



Post Office 1855                 Post Office 1875                  Kellys 1915                  Swindon & District 1928                 Kellys 1931




Emigration and Migration

Strays Index               Emigration & Migration News 1850-1899        


Employment and Business

Agriculture and Land

Game Licenses 1750-1799                  Game Licenses 1800-1849                Gamekeepers Certificates 1807                    Ag lab to Deputy Chief Constable 1848-1926                    Threshing Machine Accident 1861         


Apprentices to London Livery Companies 1626-1703                Apprentices Index 1626-1703

Apprentices Registers 1817-1922 records the names of apprentices with a connection to Wiltshire in some way and were selected by the Wiltshire Society to receive assistance.  There are a few names that applied for apprenticeships but were unsuccessful and not selected.  We have attempted to show the parishes of association either through the apprentice having been born or living in the parish or one or both parents were born in the county.  The candidate may in some cases be apprenticed to a master within the county.  Some of the entries have further information that can be requested from the administrator via the Contact Us tab at the top of the page.  Many of the candidates are apprenticed to masters in London and the names and addresses of the master may be requested as can the date of the apprenticeship, the duration and the amount of money paid to the master.  The number of candidates selected was fixed each year according to available funds.  Seven apprentices were to be taken from London Residents within the Metropolitan Board of Works, originally defined as the ‘Limits of the Bills of Mortality’.  The remainder were to be selected from either London or the county of Wiltshire.  Applications were received by the Society in January of each year and the Committee examined each candidate.  The application was often prepared by a solicitor and supported references from the local vicar or the child’s teacher, as to his or her suitability for an apprenticeship.  

Medical Services 

Medical License Directory Extract for John Wilson 1700

Miscellaneous Items

Employment News 1850-1899                  Employment News 1900-1949

Postal Services  

British Postal Services Appointment 1737-1969

Miscellaneous Documents

Miscellaneous News Snippets 1800-1849


Non Conformity and Other Places of Worship

For the Moravian Church records at East Tytherton please visit the page dedicated to this denomination.

Moravian Church Members 

Richard Scott 1714-1749


People and Parish Notables

People of Bremhill Photo Gallery


Accidents & Sudden Deaths 1800-1899                    Boy Dragged by Horse 1868                     Accidents 1900-1949                  Tram Accident 1906                   Storm Fatality 2014       

Associations, Clubs, Organisations and Societies

Wiltshire Friendly Society Membership 1827-1871   


Bankruptcy Notices 1800-1899      

Coroners Bills

County coroners were introduced in England in around 1194 once established other boroughs and liberties sought the right to have their own coroner.  Often in Medieval times the coroner also assumed the role of the sheriff and his duties weren't limited to holding inquests on dead bodies although almost a full time post they were unpaid for the duties apart from those that were deemed murder of manslaughter when they would receive 13s. 4d.   From the 24th June 1752 a law was passed allowing the coroner to claim £1 for every inquest they attended not held in a gaol and also to claim 9d per mile travel allowance from the place of residence.  Inquests held in any gaol were performed at a rate totalling no more than £1.  These costs were to be paid from the county rates.  In cases of homicide the coroner also received the former fee of 13s. 4d.  The coroners submitted their bills at the quarter session sittings for approval.  Coroners Bills 1752-1796

Census Returns Transcripts

1841          1851          1861          1871           1881           1891           1901          1911

Elections and Polls

Poll of Freeholders 1772           Poll Book 1818           Voting List 1832            Voting Lists Revisions 1843            MP Nominations 2015           MP Nomonations 2017

Family Notices

1800-1849          1850-1899          1900-1949          1950-1999                 

Funeral Reports

Husband & Wife Buried Together 1784                    Funeral Report of William Powney 1870                   Funeral Report of Benjamin Slade 1935

General People Items

People News 1800-1849                   People News 1850-1899                   Secrets of Farming Book Subscribers 1863                     Residents Mentioned in Kilvert's Diary 1870-1879                     People News 1900-1949

Inquest Reports

Inquest Reports 1800-1849 Louis Aspeck 1852 Betty Whittle 1852 John Burgess 1854
William Godwin 1855 George Gerrish 1865 John Palmer 1870 Joseph Brittain 1871
R. A. C. Eddrup 1879 William Charles Smith 1932 William Henry Ponting 1933 Donald John Ridgewell 1940

Medical Matters

Parishioners Treated at Bath Hospital 1800-1849


Rev. Francis Fisher 1858 Marriage and Death of Susan Anne Freegard 1923 Rev. Arthur Herbert Hitchcock 1921
Edward Champion Long 1921 Canon Arthur George Peters 1943  


Personal Research Items

Townsend Family

Pete Townsend has produced a valuable family history on his website

Tuck Family

Tuck Family Research Burial Extracts - This item was donated by Ken Tuck and contains entries that may or may not relate to the Tuck family however they have been published as such.  Many refer to Quaker burials found across the county                                   

Parish Notables

William Lisle Bowles, Cleric and Poet - read more about the Rector of Bremhill under the Parish Church Section

Maude Heath - Widow and Benefactress

Maud Heath Remembered 1837-1838


Knight Compositions 1628             

Wedding Reports

Marriage Report - Bishop to Hazell 1946                     Marriage Report - Peters to Conoley 1929


Poor Law, Charity and the Workhouse

Fine Imposed for Not Giving Poor Relief 1820 Rural Poverty 1844-1846 Poor Law, Charity & Workhouse News 1850-1899
Poor Relief Fraud or Wrongful Allegations 1851    



National Probate Index 1858-1966

Estate Probate Notices

Abel Ferris 1793 Probate Notices 1800-1849 Probate Notices 1850-1899
Charles Pavy 1885 Robert Hammond 1934   

Inquisitions Post Mortem of Lands Held

John Hungerford 1636

Parishioners Wills

Richard Pinnegar 1801               William Fry 1801                


War, Conflict and Military Matters

War Memorials & Military Gallery

Why the Poppy Muster Roll 1539 Soldiers Small Book Harry L. Henly 1905
Military Service Exemption Tribunals 1914-1918 Diocese of Salisbury Memorial Book 1914-1918 Soldiers Who Died in WWI Named in Calne & District Casualty List
Local Tribunals 1916 War Memorial Dedication Service 1920 Civilian Deaths 1939-1945





Kellys 1931


People and Parish Notables

Wiltshire Friendly Society Membership 1837-1871

 Strays Index


Stockham Marsh

People and Parish Notables

Coroners Bills 1752-1796





Kellys 1931


Non Conformity and Other Places of Worship

Moravian Church Members

Thomas Hughes 1719-1794

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