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Great Wishford - The OPC is Maureen Withey

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Great Wishford - St. Giles Great Wishford - St. Giles

Great Wishford Photo Gallery

Contiguous Parishes (our neighbours)

Barford St. Martin with Groveley Wood - Burcombe - Little Langford - South Newton - Stapleford


Websites of Interest

GenUKI - For information on Wiltshire and Great Wishford.
Great Wishford - Community website.
Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - The Wiltshire County Archives for all historical documents and the place to obtain original copies.
Wiltshire Community History - Historical information for parishes within the Wiltshire County jurisdiction.


The Parish Church of St. Giles

St. Giles Gallery           St. Giles Interior           St. Giles Churchyard Gallery

Building & Maintenance

Plans to Rebuild the Church 1864           Church Clock Legacy 1883          

Choir and Bell Ringers

Ringing for 5 New Hats 1812           Supper Hosted by Vicar 1873           Supper for Choir and Bell Ringers 1901           Bellringers and Church Workers Dinner 1902

Church Festivals

Harvest Festival 1901

Church Matters


Cost of Your Daily Bread

Set into the churchyard wall at Great Wishford are stones that show the price of bread at various points over the last 200 years. In 1800, it is to be noted that a gallon of bread cost 3s. 4d., while in the next year 1801 the price rose sharply to 3s. 10d. for the same amount.  At the start of the 20th century they still sold bread by the gallon costing 10d. in 1904, but 2s. 8d. in 1920 (possibly sold by the pint by this date).  

Bread Stones 1950

Fake Marriage?

Amongst the Baptism Entries in the Parish Register we find an entry on February 20th 1720 - Mary, daughter of John Blake and Rebecka Down; this couple pretend they were married by a groom or aleseller at Mitford about 2 months before her delivery.

Incumbents and Rectors

Gifts for Rector & His Wife 1867          Funeral of Rev. Edward Hill 1895           Death of Rev. MacDonald 1928          Suspension of Benefice 2018          

Miscellaneous Church Items

Protestation Return 1641-1642

Parish Register Transcripts





Parish Registers held at WSHC

Baptisms 1559-1983
Marriages 1558-1982
Burials 1559-1922

Sunday School

Sunday School Treats 1827           Sunday School Entertainment 1905


Parish History

Books About Wishford

Great Wishford, The making of a Wiltshire Village written by Tim Garraway Jones and published by Waterlane Books.
Wishford Station written by Terry Waldron and published by Bretwalda Books.

Celebrations and Customs

Midsummer Tithes

Midsummer Tithes Auction 1902-1903          Midsummer Tithes Auction 1943          

Oak Apple Day

Oak Apple Day Gallery           Oak Apple Day Charter 1603           Oak Apple Day 1893           Oak Apple Day 1950

Civil Registration

1837 - April 1936 Wilton Registration District
April 1936 - Present Salisbury Registration District

Parish Council

Parish Council News 1850-1899          Parish Council Meeting 1895          Letter from the Chairman 1898           Parish Council News 1900-1949


Buildings and Land

Notice of Petition for Inclosure 1808               Inclosure Extract 1809             Tithe Apportionment 1838-1841 (1)               Tithe Apportionment 1838-1842 (2)             


Cottage Fire 1858           Fire at the Rectory 1867         Cottages Fire 1873          Cottage Fire 1903

Listed Buildings

Beehive House Chedworth Monument Churchyard Bread Stones Eagle Cottage
Granary, Wishford Farm Milestone near Royal Oak Inn 1, 2, 3, 4 South Street Stable, Wishford Farm
Stoford Bridge Yew Tree Cottage    


Maps Gallery

Property Sales

Leasehold Estate for Sale 1789           Sale of House, Shop and Cottages 1863          Sale of Cottages and Meadow 1881

Public Houses



Railway Gallery

Railway Branch Line to Open 1856


Crime and Legal Matters


Eccentric Charged with Hayrick Arson 1872


Apology for Assault 1801               Farmer Committed to Gaol for Assault 1867              Son Threatens Mother 1871


Bastardy Examinations

Employment Cases

Claim for Wages 1886

Family Crime

Ill Treated by Unnatural Son 1603           Deserting a Family 1869         


Committed to the Devizes House of Correction & New Prison 1800-1849

Jury Service

Jurors List 1736

Miscellaneous Items

Crime Reports 1800-1849                 Crime Reports 1850-1899   

Public Nuisance

Nuisance on the Highway 1894

Tax Crime

Excise Evasion 1834                              


Theft of a Silver Watch at Groveley 1858           Robbery at Railway Station 1868           Shepherd Steals Mutton 1873

Trespass and Wilful Damage

Damage to Trees on Wilton Estate 1866                   Killing a Neighbour's Bees 1870



Kellys 1848               Post Office 1855               Post Office 1859                Kellys 1867              Post Office 1875              Owens 1878              Kellys 1889               Kellys 1915



Education Gallery


Adverts for Miss Streets' School 1832-1837 

Entertainment and Treats

School Treats 1850-1899          School Entertainment 1903           School Entertainment 1904          Bioscopic Treat for School Children 1905

Further Education   

Evening Continuation School 1901

General School News



Managers Meeting 1903

Pupils and Scholars   

Presentation by Pupils 1903          Scholastic Achievement 1903      

Teachers and Assistants

Needlework Assistant Advert 1828          Presentation to Schoolmaster 1871          Farewell Presentation to Mr. Hatfield, Schoolmaster 1904                   


Emigration and Migration

Emigrant - Thomas and Elizabeth Young 1768-1847           Clifford Frank Still Emigrates to New York 1879-1930                 Emigrants - King Brothers 1894-1920        


Employment and Business


Gamekeepers Certificates 1807           Game Licences 1834              


Apprentices Newspaper Adverts 1824-1834

Apprentice records published here may not necessarily mean that the apprentice was from the parish but was apprenticed to a master within the parish.

John Gravill 1729           John Rowden 1741

Wiltshire Society Apprentices

Hubert E. Bailey 1919          Ronald Budden 1911          Stanley Charles Eber Gray 1911

Community Services

Appeal for a Police Constable for Wishford 1901          Proposed New Fire Brigade 1902          Fire Brigade Supper 1902          Village Fire Brigade 1936

Employment Offered & Sought

Situations Vacant 1800-1899


Dredges Heal All Advertisement 1846



New Stationmaster 1867           Petition to Retain the Station Masters' Services 1894 


Miscellaneous Documents


Non Conformity and Other Places of Worship

Meeting House Certificates 1797-1839


People and Parish Notables

People Gallery


Accidents 1800-1899           Shooting Accidents 1809          Runaway Horse 1875          Accident & Recovery 1899-1902

Associations, Clubs, Organisations and Societies


Pig Club Meeting Annual 1894         

Benefit & Friendly Societies

Benefit Society Annual Gathering 1878   

Culture & Traditions     

Oak Apple Club Founding Members 1892


Enormous Vegetables 1837          Giant Onion 1863                    

Slate Clubs              

Slate Club Dinner 1907


Insolvency and Seduction 1861


Josiah Ewence 1869-1870          Charles Lucas 1886            John Henry Shatford 1883-1884           John Trubridge 1861          Francis Tutt 1875    


Earl of Pembroke's 21st Birthday 1871             

Census Return Transcripts

1841         1851         1861           1871          1881          1891           1901           1911       

Coroners Bills

Coroners Bills 1752-1796

Elections and Polls

Poll of Freeholders 1772          Poll Book 1818           Celebration for Mr. Benett's Election 1819              Voters List 1832              Poll Book 1865                MP Nominations 2015


Musical Treat 1868          Choir Concert 1873          Brass Band Available for Events 1874           Evening School Concert 1904

Family Notices

1800-1849                1850-1899

Inquest Reports

Inquest Reports 1800-1849 Thomas Simper 1823 Inquest Reports 1850-1899
Frederick Goodfellow 1860 Catharine Slow 1862 John Trubridge 1866
Peter Smith 1867 Fatal Railway Accident 1874 John Morris Lacey 1940 


Death of Lord Chedworth 1804

Funeral Report of Rev. Edward Hill 1895

People News

People News 1800-1899               

Personal Research Items

Tuck Family Research Burial Extracts - These items were donated by Ken Tuck and contains entries that may or may not relate to the Tuck family however they have been published as such.  Many references to Quaker entries may be found from across the county.



Match v Wylye July 1894          Cricket Club Dinner 1894

Fly Fishing

Fly Fishers Dinner 1901


Against South Newton 1908


Falsone Day Book 1645-1653          Hair Powder Tax - Birch Household 1796-1797

Wedding Reports

Pyle to Wyatt 1905           Thatcher to Young 1907


Poor Law, Charity and the Workhouse


Letter for Beneolence After Storm 1855          Waif Sunday Collection 1901          Charity Commission Enquiries 1904

Guardians of the Poor

Wilton Union Guardians Appointed 1835            Guardians Dinner & Election of Guardians 1870



1860          1868          1870           1872



National Probate Index 1858-1966                Contesting the Will of Frederick Ford 1867

Estate Notices 

Joseph Scamell 1885

Inquisitions Post Mortem of Lands Held

Adam de la Forde 1326               Walter Kingman 1629               William, Earl of Pembroke 1630               Richard Grobham 1630


Mary Smokem 1888

Parishioners Wills

Thomas Kingman 1536 (Written) John Kyngman 1558 (Written) Robert Kingman 1559 (Written)
William Kingman 1587 (Written) Walter Kingman 1629 (Written) Roger Kingman 1694 (Written)
Robert Kingman 1700-1704 (Written) John Rowden Proved 1811 Solomon Dredge Proved 1818 

Probate Inventories

Roger Kingsman 1647               Robert Kingman 1705    

Property Sales for Probate

Rev. de Veil William's Effects 1863                 Farm & Estates of Thomas Trubridge 1870


War, Conflict and Military Matters

War Memorials & Military Gallery

Boer War

Return of Wilton Volunteers 1901

General Military Items

Why the Poppy           Autumn Manoeuvres 1872


Casualties of WWI
James Cromwell Bush 1917 Leonard Frederick Samuel Chivers 1917 Stanley Charles Gray 1918 William Herbert Head 1918 Bertie Lever 1917
Edward John Middlewick 1917 Albert Rowe 1920 William Scott Samways 1915 George Thomas James Sanger 1918 Alban West 1918

War Memorials and Books of Remembrance

Dioceses of Salisbury Memorial Book 1914-1918           Roll of Honour Plaques 


War Time Relief

Rector Distributes Food from Australia 1946



Little Wishford

Employment and Business


Ploughing Match & Shepherding Prizes 1868


George Amor 1713


People and Parish Notables







Wishford  - School Entertainment

The school entertainment was held on Friday, when the room was crowded with an enthusiastic company, many being unable to obtain admission.  The concert, which was quite up to the standard of previous years, commenced with recitations, interspersed with school songs. One item “The Proverbs” was considered especially good.  Lily Scott, Fred Mundy and Ethel Plowman played two instrumental trios on the piano and violin in good style.  The tambourine drill was one of the choice bits of the evening and was performed in excellent fashion by twelve girls who had been most carefully trained by Miss Wallis.  The infant’s part of the programme is always entertaining and this year proved no exception to the rule, the little ones doing justice to the careful training given to them by Mrs. Hatfield.  The concluding piece was a farce entitled “The Jumble Sale” which created much amusement and I which the juvenile actors did their parts well.  At the conclusion the Rev. F. W. Macdonald proposed and Mr. H. G. Duncher seconded a hearty vote of thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Hatfield and Miss Wallis for the care and trouble they had taken in preparing the children to give them such a pleasant evening. This was heartily responded to.  In response Mr. Hatfield, who was enthusiastically received, said that the best way in which the teachers could be repaid for any trouble would be that the children should be regularly sent to school.                    Salisbury Times, Friday 20 Feb 1903

The School

The first meeting of the school managers under the new Act was held in the classroom on Saturday.  There were present: the Earl of Pembroke, the Rev. F. W. Macdonald, Messrs. A. Scott, H. Lever, Geo. M. Young, and J. Richings.  The Rev. F. W. Macdonald took the chair.  A requisition list for school materials was examined, signed and forwarded to the local authority. Standing orders for the conduct of the meetings was discussed and adopted.  The Rector was appointed correspondent, and discretionary power in certain matters was given him.  Incorporation with the Sarum and Wilts Diocesan Voluntary Association was sanctioned, and an agreement made with a school attendant.

At a meeting of the foundation managers a vote of thanks to the lord of the manor, for conveying the school and buildings on trust to the rector and churchwardens for education purposes, was accorded, and resolutions as to the use of the school were passed.

Salisbury Times, Fri 13 Nov 1903

Wishford  - School Entertainment

This long-looked for event was held on Wednesday evening, the room being well filled with the parents and friends of the children.  Everything went off very well and reflected the greatest credit on the teachers and children.  It showed the great amount of interest taken in this entertainment. The infants’ part of the programme was especially good, and the “Wreath Drill” by 12 girls conducted by Miss Dora Young was done faultlessly.  The Topsy Turvy song by Miss Scott’s class was very amusing and “The Awkward Squad” was a good finish.  The singing of Miss E. Plowman is most promising and the playing of both A. Gough and F. Mundy was done well.  At the close hearty cheers were given for Mr. and Mrs. Hatfield, the teachers and children.  Mr. Hatfield takes this opportunity of thanking all who helped make the concert a success, especially recognising the help so ungrudgingly given by Messrs. Scott and Lever who had taken great pains to make the stage look nice, also the managers for the use of the room, the rector and others for the loan of the many things needful on these occasions.

Salisbury Times, Fri 8 April 1904

Wishford - Evening School Report

This school has again been conducted in an intelligent and effective manner: 28 pupils had been admitted and 13 were present.  The register had been signed seven times, and the registration and order were excellent.  The subjects taken were drawing, commercial arithmetic, and commercial geography, and the results of the instruction were very good.  The drawings were particularly good, and the notes, exercises and maps were neatly done.          Salisbury Times Fri 29 July 1904

Wishford  - Sunday School Entertainment

On Friday the Sunday school children had their annual entertainment.   Assembling at the school at 4.30 they were regaled with tea, and, after some singing, the prizes for merit and good attendance were distributed.  Nineteen scholars received books, and picture cards were given to the rest.  Mary Simper attained the first prize for unbroken attendance, closely followed by Herbert Newton, Evelyn Burt, Stanley Gray, and Olga Newton, who had each only been absent once during the year.  A magic-lantern display of illustrations of old nursery rhymes followed, the Rector giving the readings, and Mr. Lever manipulating the lantern.  The next part of the entertainment consisted of an admirable concert given by a gramaphone conducted by Mr. B. Davis, of South Newton, which afforded great pleasure to the audience, the songs being especially appreciated.  The distribution of buns and oranges followed, and a pleasant evening was brought to a close by the national anthem and cheers for the Rector and Mrs. Macdonald, Miss Mundy, and the Sunday school teachers.                      Salisbury Times, 13 Jan 1905

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