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Highworth - The OPC is Anne-marie Hayes

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Highworth - St Michael and All Angels Highworth - St Michael and All Angels (Courtesy of Neil MacDougall)

Highworth Photo Gallery

Contiguous Parishes (our neighbours)

Buscot (BRK) - Coleshill (BRK) - Hannington - Inglesham - Sevenhampton - Shrivenham (BRK) - Stanton Fitzwarren


Websites of Interest

Duncan & Mandy Ball - For images of the Church at Highworth.
Highworth GENUKI - For genealogical information about Highworth and its Tithings.
Highworth Historical Society - Website for historical information about Highworth.
Highworth Methodist Church - Website for information about the church. 
Highworth Online - Information about the town. 
Highworth United Reformed Church - Website for information about the church.
Highworth Through Time - Website for historical information about Highworth.
Highworth Town Council - For enquiries of Highworth Cemetery - records from Nov 1870 onwards.
Highworth Wikipedia - The online public encyclopaedia entry for the town.
Highworth Workhouse - Information about the Union Workhouse.
St. Michael and All Angels Highworth - The Parish Church website.
Wiltshire Wills - Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre.
Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - The Wiltshire County Archives for all historical documents and the place to obtain original copies.
Wiltshire Community History - Historical information for parishes within the Wiltshire County jurisdiction.


The Parish Church Of St. Michael and All Angels

Parish Church Gallery               St. Michael & All Angels Church Gallery

For parish register notes and memorial inscriptions please see the Transcriptions Section at the bottom of the page.           Rose's Act was passed on the 28th July 1812, so from 1813, Highworth had separate books for baptisms, marriages and burials and the 3 chapelries are now separate parishes with their own registers.  NB. Some events were still recorded in the Highworth registers for people living in the surrounding rural hamlets.

St. Michael and All Angels               Memorial Inscriptions St. Michael and All Angels                 Parish Register Notes

New Sportsmen's Church Service 1930

Parish Register Transcripts


1810-1814          1815-1819





Parish Registers held at WSHC

Baptisms 1538-1965
Marriages 1538-1967
Burials 1538-1975

Transcripts include Sevenhampton, Eastrop and Westrop.

BTs 1837-1856 are held at Bristol Record Office and include Sevenhampton and South Marston.


Tithes Gesture 1831


Parish History

Highworth is a market town on a hill-top over 400ft above sea level. It is situated in the north east corner of Wiltshire close to the neighbouring counties of Oxfordshire, Gloucester and Berkshire. In the Domesday Book, it is registered under the appellation of Wrde and formerly known as Vorda, Heyworth and Hyworthe. Highworth hundred included the chapelries of South Marston, Broad and Bury Blunsdon, Sevenhampton and the tythings of Eastrop, Fresdon, Lynt Farm, Westrop, Hampton (Turnpike) and North Leaze.     

National Gazetteer Extract 1868

Civil Registration

1837 - 1897 Highworth Registration District
1898 Present Swindon Registration District


Population totals include the town of Highworth, chapelries and tythings of the parish.

Jurisdictions and Population              Population & Census Analysis

Weather Phenomena

Highworth Earthquake 


Buildings and Land


Cattle Plague Regulations 1867


Fire Engine Inefficiency 1858

Hghworth Cemetery




Land Inquisition 1433           Tables Turned on Lord Radnor 1844          Owners of Land 1873


Maps Gallery

Ordnance Survey Map 1811-1812               Ordnance Survey Map 1816

Property for Sale by Auction

Auction 1847                 Property of Smith 1879              Property Sales 1700 - 1799

Property to Let

Dwelling and Drapers Shop 1843

Public Houses

Public Houses Gallery


Railway Gallery

Swindon & Highworth Light Railway 1880


15 February 1833 - A 'tax on light and air', the amount of house and window duty paid by the town of Highworth was £87 13s. 3d.

Small Tenements 1849


Turnpike Road from Faringdon to Cricklade and Malmesbury 1818


Crime and Legal Matters


Suspicious and Dangerous Fellow at Loose 1752

Court Cases

Austin v Durham 1889

Crime Reports 

1700-1799                  1800-1849                  1850-1899

Prisons and Prisoners

Inmates of Gloucester Gaol 1815-1856

Swing Riots

Charge of Destroying a Threshing Machine 1831          Late Rural Disturbances 1831


Theft of Drapers' Material 1839


Assault and Robbery 1831



Listings & Subscriptions to Directories 1734-1792               Post Office 1875               Kellys 1915               Swindon & District 1928



Education Gallery

Education of the Poor 1819


Emigration and Migration

Parish Strays Index            Letter from New Zealand 1879


Employment and Business

Agriculture and Land

Joseph Ricketts, Farrier 1825                  Free Trade & Agricultural Distress 1844                  Game List 1846 



Apprenticeship Indentures were the legal agreements made by the Master or Mistress to train the child in their chosen trade for 7 or more years. Stamp duty was payable on the indentures of apprenticeship and a register was kept by the Board of Stamps which recorded the names, addresses and trades of the Masters, the Apprentices names and up until c1752 the names of the Apprentice's parent. The registered date is when the tax was paid by the Master and not the date of the apprenticeship. Apprentices taken on by arrangement of the parish, town or local charity were never subject to the duty and were known as Pauper Apprenticeships. The WSHC holds records of apprenticeships 1683-1847. Apprenticeship Indentures

Business Advertising

Business Advertisement Index 1956

For lookups and copies of the advertisments found in the Highworth & District Official Guide of 1956 listed in the index above please contact me via the contact us tab at the top of the page and select OPCs from the drop down list

Business Partnerships

Dissolved Partnerships 1700 - Present 


British Postal Service Appointments 1737-1969

Community Services


Metropolitan Police Pensions Record - Joseph Alexander 1864-1892             P.C. Frank Wilmot Gray 1906-1929

General Employment Items

Situations Vacant 1800-1899          Occupations and Trades of Highworth pre 1841           Free Trade Speech by Lord Radnor 1844





Advertisement for R. L. Pinniger 1853

Doctors & Surgeons

Medical License Directory Extract - John Ann 1606                  General Medical Council Registrations 1859-1959 

Transport Services

No 7 Bus Timetable 2016


Miscellaneous Documents 

Newspaper Snippets

Better Late Than Never - The funeral of a child took place on Friday at the parish church of Highworth, when the clerk, having forgotten or neglected to toll the bell during the service, performed that ceremony after the corpse was interred. "Berks Chronicle" (Elizabeth Whiteway, 8 months of Westrop buried 15th September 1843)

Parish Snippets


Non Conformity and Other Places of Worship

The Toleration Act of 1689 granted Protestant Dissenters (not Catholics) freedom of worship. They were required to register their meeting places and were issued with a Meeting House Certificate (thanks to Jo Clinton for her information). This is the Application to license a dwelling house for worship in 1788.

Zion Chapel

This Chapel later became known as The Congregationalist Church and then the United Reformed Church.

Rev Thomas Gilbert Pastorate, Zion Chapel, Highworth               Zion Chapel Baptisms 1821-1836               Roll of Members, Zion Chapel 1822-1828                  Family Notices 1850-1899

Other Chapels                    

Particular Baptist Chapel - Highworth
Primitive Methodist Chapel - Westrop
Wesleyan Chapel - Eastrop

Read more about these Non Conformist Chapels

General Non Conformist Records

Non Conformist Baptisms Strays 1797-1835               Swindon Wesleyan Circuit Baptisms for Highworth 1842-1853     


People and Parish Notables

Highworth People Gallery


Accidents 1800 - 1899           Fatal Accident Plea for Witnesses 2012

Associations, Clubs, Organisations and Societies

St. John Ambulance Certificate for Elsie K. Hollis 1939


Bankruptcies 1700-1899

Census Returns Transcripts

1801           1841           1851           1861

Please note that the 1861 census covers the first enumerators book.  The remaining 2 books are in the process of being transcribed.

Elections, Polls and Voters Lists

Poll of Freeholders 1772           Poll Book 1818           Voters List 1832           Voters Lists Revisions 1843           Poll Book 1868         Electoral Lists Revision Court 1902


Musical Notes 1868-1942           Highworth Ball 1839

Family Notices

1700-1799          1800-1849                 1850-1899                 1900-1949

Inquest Reports

1850-1899               John Tichenor 1851               Robert Willoughby 1871 


Simon Iles 1891 Richard Henry Marsh 1883> George Peapell 1845 Sir William Pleydell-Bouverie, Earl of Radnor 1869
Edward Wetherell Rowden 1870 George Croke Rowden 1863    

Parish Notable

James Ayscough - Optician Narcissus Marsh Archbishop of Dublin and Armagh Richard Henry Marsh aka Henry Marston - Actor
Humphrey Marsh - Clockmaker    

Parish Women

Women of the Parish Obituary of Lucy Polhill nee Hussey 1798 Gipsy Funeral
The Murder of Eliza Jones 1836    


Highworth Races 1766          Boxing Bout - Yeates v Day 1829          Cricket 1850          Highworth Athletic Football Club 1911-1912

Uncategorised People Items

Postcard Home? c1918-1920


Poor Law, Charity and The Workhouse


Unsolicited Generosity 1838           Distribution of Clothing to the Poor 1839

General Poor Law Items

Public Assistance Administration 1948

Medical Matters 

Medical Relief 1837                  Dismissal of Surgeon 1861 

Parish Removal Orders

After the Settlement Act of 1662, each person had a parish of legal settlement, usually the parish of birth/christening or where they lived and worked (including apprenticeships) for a minimum of one year. Removal orders were issued by Overseers to transfer people back to their parish of settlement where they would be eligible for poor relief.

For the 1841 Census Return for the workhouse please refer to the Transcriptions Section below.  For other census years please refer to the Stratton St. Margaret parish page where a new workhouse was built in 1845-6 but retained the Highworth and Swindon Union title.

Poor Law Tenders and Supplies

Employment of the Poor 1700-1799         Swindon & Highworth Union Supplies 1838                 Poor Law Union Supplies 1847




General Workhouse News

Workhouse Snippets 1780-1970

Workhouse Crime

Workhouse Crime 1835-1850

Workhouse Inmates               

Tramps Admitted to the Workhouse 1847                   Adult Paupers in the Union Workhouse for 5 years in 1861                 Highworth Cemetery Workhouse & Institution Burials 1871-1919                                           



National Probate Index 1858-1966

Inquisitions Post Mortem of Lands Held

Thomas Phillips 1628                Richard Grobham 1630

Parishioners Wills

Roger Kinsman 1594 (Written)               Will of Thomas Kinsman 1697 (Written)               John Coleman Proved 1781

Probate Inventories

Thomas Kinsman 1697


War, Conflict and Military Matters

War Memorials and Military Gallery


Peace Demonstration 1856

English Civil War

Civil War in Highworth 1642-1651

Uncategorised Military Items

Why the Poppy 


British Red Cross & VAD Detachment

Alice Binney 1916-1919


Roll of Honour - Highworth Soldiers               R. A. J. Warneford V. C. News Articles 1916           

War Memorials and Books of Remembrance

Highworth War Memorial            Clock Face Memorial Plaque 1939-1945

Wiltshire Regiment

Return of the Wiltshire Regiment 1902                 Servicemen & Families with the 1st Wilts. Regt. in South Africa 1911    


OPC Inquiries

For inquiries about St Michael and All Angel's registers, click on my name (in green) at top left of page. 

Lookups are available for bmd events with specific dates or within a 10 year timeframe for the following:-

Baptisms 1538-1913
Marriages 1538-1930
Burials 1538-1975
Bishops Transcripts 1583-1812 (dates above)
Highworth Congregational Church  Baptisms 1821-1913  Marriages 1848-1930  Burials 1836-1935
"Highworth United Reformed Church - A Short History 1777-1977" by R A Beck
"Workhouse Births 1866-1914
Census queries
Highworth Strays - Coleshill (Berks) Parish Register Indexes



Please contact me if you have photos and/or stories of Highworth ancestors and you would like to share them with the Wiltshire OPC Project. Comments and suggestions are welcome.  Thank You



Bury Blunsdon

Crime and Legal Matters

Parishioners Eligible to Serve as Jurors 1771




Parish Church of All Saints 

Church Gallery


Parish History

Coleshill is a village partly in Wiltshire and Berkshire.  For OPC purposes since the Wiltshire part was effectively part of the parish of Highworth it has been included here.


Buildings and Land

Coleshill Estate and Mill 

Estate Gallery

There has been a mill on the River Cole for over 900 years.  Coleshill Estate and Mill is now in the care of the National Trust.  




Crime and Legal Matters

Parishioners Eligible to Serve as Jurors 1771

Proceedings in Chancery Elizabeth I Era (1558-1603)

Dunche v Seymor, Warneford, Shawe


People and Parish Notables

Elections, Polls and Voters Lists

Poll of Freeholders 1772          Poll Book 1818




Crime and Legal Matters

Parishioners Eligible to Serve as Jurors 1771



Hampton Turvil

Crime and Legal Matters

Parishioners Eligible to Serve as Jurors 1771


People & Parish Notables

Inquest Reports 1800-1899




Crime and Legal Matters

Parishioners Eligible to Serve as Jurors 1771


People and Parish Notables

Elections, Polls & Voters Lists

Poll Book 1818


Employment and Business

Trades Union Members

Charles Ackling 1915



National Probate Index 1858-1966


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