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Melksham - The OPC is Linda De Santiz

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Melksham - St Michael and All Angels|Melksham Forest - St. Andrews|Beanacre - St. Barnabus|Shaw - Christchurch Melksham - St Michael and All Angels|Melksham Forest - St. Andrews|Beanacre - St. Barnabus|Shaw - Christchurch |||

Melksham Photo Gallery

Contiguous Parishes (our neighbours)

Atworth - Bromham - Broughton Gifford - Chittoe - Corsham - Lacock - Rowde - Seend - Semington - Whaddon


Websites of Interest

GenUKI - For information on Melksham.
Melksham Without Parish Council - Parish Council Website.
Melksham Active Net - Activities in Melksham.
Melksham Town Website - Town Council Website.
Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - The Wiltshire County Archives for all historical documents and the place to obtain original copies.
Wiltshire Community History - Historical information for parishes within the Wiltshire County jurisdiction.
The Well House Collection - A Collection of Exhibits Documenting the History of Melksham.


The Parish Church of St. Michael & All Angels

St. Michael & All Angels Church Gallery               St. Michaels & All Angel Churchyard Gallery               St. Michael & All Angels Cemetery


Church Matters 1800-1849 Ordination to Holy Orders 1847 Church Matters 1850-1899
New Vicar 1872 Harvest Festival 1889 Bells of St. Michaels & All Angels c1910
Curate Moves to Melksham 1940    

Parish Register Transcripts


1569-1599          1600-1649           1650-1699          1700-1749           1750-1774          1775-1779          1800-1824          1825-1837



Parish Records held at WSHC

Baptisms 1568-1958
Marriages 1569-1992
Burials 1568-1966


Parish History

The parish includes the tythings of Beanacre, Blackmore, Cannonhold and Woodrow, the demesne of Sandridge, the village and curacy of Shawhill and the hamlet of Whitley.

Timeline - Domesday to Present Day               Parish News 1750-1799               Parish News 1850-1899

Civil Registration

1837 - April 1936 Melksham Registration District
April 1936 - Present Trowbridge Registration District

Parish Entertainment

Posters Gallery


Buildings and Land

Photo Galleries

Bath Road Blue Plaque Trail Church Walk to Broughton Road 2015 High Street
King George V Park King Street Market Place Melksham House
Public Houses Railway Station Watsons Court  


Notice of Intended Construction of the Wilts & Berks Canal 1793 Indenture to Hannah Moore for Atworth Property 1841 Owners of Land 1873
Property to Be Let or Wanted 1850-1899 Property Sales 1900-1949 Melksham Spa 1901
Beanacre Road Fire 1908 Disastrous Fire 1910 Melksham House Fire 1920
Right of Way Dispute 1921 Plan of Proposed Building at West End 1928 A New Hospital 1938
Blue Plaque Trail 2014 Mayor Opens Kingsbury Hall 2015  


Cattle Plague Regulations 1867


Parish Pump Condemned 1933          Community Campus Planning Permission Granted 2014


Archaeological Finds Gallery


Map Gallery          Ordnance Surveyor's Drawings 1808-1811

Land Tax

Appointment of Select Commissioners for Land and Assessed Taxes 1842


Crime and Legal Matters

Animal Theft

Sheep Stealing 1828                  Horse Thefts 1865


Sailor Assaults Young Lady 1815

Business & Employment Related Crime

Caution to Bakers 1847                  Magistrate and the Gamekeeper 1867                 Charge Against Police Inspector 1872                  Watered Milk 1950

Capital Punishment

John Gurd Sentenced to Death 1892

Court Proceedings

Wilts Lent Assizes 1834                 Court Case - Cottle v Barnwell 1870                  Court Decision on Rent 1935

Crime Reports

1700-1799           1800-1849           1850-1899           1900-1949                       


Con Men 1852          Obtaining Money by False Pretences 1889                  Fraud Across Wiltshire 1923

General Items

Qualified to Sit as a Magistrate 1886               Car Reported as Stolen but ... 1936


George Pearce 1834          Sergeant Enos Molden 1843-1892          Double Murder in Wiltshire 1892          Murder on the Beat 2008          Tragic Killing Sparks Mental Health Review 2014

Prison and Prisoners

Inmate Blew Up Prison 1782                  Inmates of Gloucester Gaol 1815-1879                Convicts for Transportation 1830               Bedford Gaol Prisoner Henry Pearce 1849                  Prisoner Cut His Own Throat 1854


Convicted of Theft at School 1829


From Wiltshire to Tasmania 1809-1850          Transportation of Prisoners 1827



Post Office 1859           Post Office 1875



Education Gallery

Advertisement for Mrs. Cochrane's School for Young Ladies 1823                   Science Examination Successes 1874


Emigration and Migration

Strays Index          

To India

Horatio Moule

To the USA

Frederick Ellis, Utah Pioneer 1866          Titanic's Unknown Child 1912    


Employment and Business

Business Gallery


Qualified as an Accountant 1939


Cochrane - Tarling's Metallic Ink Suppliers 1846                  Rogers & Co. Advertisements 1900-1949


Apprentice records published here may not necessarily mean that the apprentice was from the parish but was apprenticed to a master within the parish.

Elizabeth Baily 1722           James Bevarn 1725          Jeremiah Beaven 1718           John Bond 1712          William Bond 1730

Wiltshire Society Apprentices 

John Leach Lane 1831          Mary Elizabeth Lane 1835


Aviators Certificate Joan Muriel Bailey 1933


British Postal Service Appointments 1737-1969


Mechanical Engineers - Ernest Bealing 1920                  Mechanical Engineers - Gilbert  Bealing 1926

General Items

Employment News 1800-1899                  Hair Powder Tax Stamp Distributors 1801                   Melksham Toy Shop 2008

Markets and Fairs

Markets 1800-1849                  Cheese Market 1859                 Christmas Fare at Devizes 1870


General Medical Council Registration 1859-1959

Trades Unions

Trades Union Membership


Miscellaneous Documents

Ration Book 1953-1954               Free Comic Book Day 2014               Heritage Discovery Fair 2014   


Non Conformity and Other Places of Worship

St. Andrews, St. Andrews Road, Melksham Forest

Forest Gallery

St. Anthony of Padua, West End

St. Anthony Gallery

St. Barnabas, Beanacre Road, Beanacre (See Tab below)

Ebenezer Chapel, Union Street

Photo Gallery

Family Notices 1850-1899 (Chapel)

Melksham Baptist Church, Old Broughton Road

Photo Gallery                 Burial Ground Gallery                 Sunday School Anniversary 1889

Melksham United Reformed Church, High Street (Former Methodist Church)

Photo Gallery

Queensway Chapel

Photo Gallery

The chapel lies on the junction of Pembroke Road with Queensway

Wesleyan Baptist Circuit


People and Parish Notables

People of Melksham Gallery                


Family Notices 1750-1799 Family Notices 1800-1849  
William Blane, Debtor 1818 Wiltshire Friendly Society Membership 1827-1871 Family Rift over Marriage of Amelia Bruges to John Gerard 1834
Creditors Indenture Report on Thomas Wilbee 1839 Family Notices 1850-1899 Secrets of Farming Book Subscribers 1863
Family Notices 1900-1949 Man Shot Himself 1904 Bankruptcy of Frederick Benjamin Flower 1915
Operatic Society President, Mr. Littlejohn Philip 1926 Wedding Report of F. Day & G. Earle 1928 Nursing Cadets in Quiz Finals 1969
Bodman Family 2006    


Accidents 1800-1849 Accidents 1850-1899 Tram Accident 1906
Traffic Accident Victim Died in Hospital 1926 Runaway Car Kills Child in Toy Motor 1935  

Associations, Clubs, Organisations and Societies

Cycling Club 1850-1899           Blooming Lovely Tribute  2014           

Census Returns Transcripts


Elections and Polls

Poll of Freeholders 1772             Poll Book 1818           Voters List 1832           Voters Lists Revisions 1843           MP Nominations 2015          MP Nominations 2017


Hunt Ball 1929

Family Research Items

Coombe, Snook, Knee & Legg Family

Coombe Family Manufacturing Gallery               Coombe, Snook, Knee & Legg Family People Gallery

Coombe Longcase Clock c1800 Snook Marriage Certificate 1846 Robert Henry Legg 1865-1950
Coombe Aerated Water Bottle 1875-1885 Marriage Certificate - H. J. Coombe & L. J. Knee 1876 Shaul & Coombe Dissolved 1878
Coombe Mineral Bottle c1880 Birth Certificate - W. S. Coombe 1881 Coombe Calendar 1897
Robert George Legg 1897-1937 Birth Certificate - R. S. J. Legg 1899 Richard S. J. & Joyce Emilie Legg 1899-1992
Birth Certificate - J. E. Coombe 1904 Coombe Ginger Beer 3 Gallon Jar c1920s Coombe Ginger Beer Bottle c1920s
Wedding Bells Mr R. Legg & Miss J. Coombe 1929 Marriage Certificate - Coombe to Spickett 1933 Death Certificate of W. S. Coombe 1950
Wedding Congratulations  Telegram 1957
A. Coombe & Son Soda Syphon  
Tuck Family

Tuck Family Research Burial Extracts - This item was donated by Ken Tuck and contains entries that may or may not relate to the Tuck family however they have been published as such.  Many refer to Quaker burials found across the county

Residents Memories

Christine's Story 2014

Tylee - Perrett Gallery (Margaret's Story)               Margaret's Story 2014

Funeral Reports & Obituaries

Death of George Kenrick 1869                Death of Oldest Inhabitant - Moses Moore 1915                Death of Dr. Rumboll 1935

Inquest Reports

Inquest Reports & Mysterious Deaths 1800-1849                 William Revell 1883                Magen George Butt 1922               Florence Ludgate 1939

Parish Notables

John Fowler Agricultural Engineer               Jennifer Jane Saunders, Comedienne, Screenwriter, Singer & Actress 


Sport Gallery


Holt v Melksham August 1863                  Melksham v Holt September 1863                 Melksham v Pewsey Vale 1874


Broughton Road F.C. 1924-1925

General Items

Sport News 1850-1899 


Poor Law, Charity and the Workhouse


Charity, Donations and Legacies 1800-1849                  Funds Raised for Cottage Hospital 1889                  Rotary Club Stalwart At Downing Street Reception 2014

Poor Law Union

Poor Law Union Audit 1849


Union Workhouse at Semington Gallery

Workhouse Crime

Workhouse Crime 1835-1850

Workhouse Inmates

Adult Paupers in Workhouse for 5 or more consecutive years 1861

Workhouse Staff Vacancies

Workhouse Master & Matron Wanted 1838



National Probate Index 1858-1966               Disputed Legacy - Spires v Bigwood 1868

Creditors & Debtors Probate Notices

Moses Granger 1801

Inquisitions Post Mortem of Lands Held 

The King 1275-76               Inquisition of Lands 1433               John Lowe 1632               Thomas Lambert 1639

Legacy Notices

Lisette Henrietta Ludlow-Bruges 1932           Legacy To Hospital 1934               Lord Roborough, Beneficiary to Will 1938

Parishioners Wills

John Gibbs Proved 1758 Elizabeth Bulgin Proved 1780 Hester Adams Proved 1795
Esther Moxham Proved 1798 Anna Maria Poore Proved 1798  Lydia Hipsley Proved 1809
Susannah Collingbourne Proved 1815 Ann Smallcombe Proved 1838 John Bond Proved 1841
Elizabeth Bond Proved 1845    


War, Conflict and Military Matters

War Memorials and Military Gallery                 The Well House Collection has comprehensive coverage of of Melksham Military Matters which is often updated with further information

Boer War

Melksham & The Boer War               Return of Colonel Chaloner 1900                  Troops for South Africa 1900

General Military Items

Why the Poppy                   Military News 1939                  Peace Cairn 2015-2018

Servicemen and Women

Daniel Abbott - Deserter 1799             Chelsea Pensioners 1808-1828               Funeral Report of Captain Lopes 1884               

Militia and Yeomanry

Melksham Rifle Corps 1859                Royal Wilts Yeomanry 1861

Nursing Services

Grace Margaret Marley 1893-1916

Wiltshire Regiment

Servicemen & Families with the 1st Wilts. Regt. in South Africa 1911 


Christmas Gift Ideas for the Troops from H. J. Knee Ltd. 1914-1918                 Egg Collection for Wounded Servicemen 1914-1918                   Letter Home from Gnr. G. Sheppard 1915

British Red Cross & VAD Records

V.A.D. & Red Cross Hospitals 1914-1918                


Isabel Bailey 1918          Elisabeth Keir 1914-1918


Geoffrey Walter Akerman 1919          William George Cottle 1914           Stanley George Knee 1916           Private Fred Skuse 1917          George Richard Wyld 1914

Servicemen & Women - Those who served and returned

Charles Albert Knee

Wiltshire Regiment in WWI

Wounded List July 1917


Melksham Urban District Council Wartime Notices 1940-1944
Air Raid Precautions 1940 Allotments 1940-1942 Billeting & Evacuees 1940-1941
British Restaurant 1943-1944 Cemetery & Mortuary 1940-1943 Council Houses 1941
Fire Prevention 1942-1943 Fire Service 1940 Health & Welfare 1940-1944
Jobs & Appointments 1940-1941 Railways Evaluation 1943-1944 Rates & Audit 1940-1944
Salvage & Sanitation 1940-1943 Town Events 1941-1942 Town Meetings 1941-1942
Town Railings 1941-1942 Town Reward 1941  

War Memorials and Dedications 

Calne & District Casualty Lists 1914-1918 Diocese of Salisbury Memorial Book 1914-1918 Broughton Road Baptist Chapel Roll of Honour 1914-1919
St. Michael's Roll of Honour Plaque 1914-1919 Avon Rubber War Memorial 1914-1918 & 1939-1945 Melksham War Memorial 1914-1919 & 1939-1945




Beanacre Photo Gallery

St. Barnabas Church

St. Barnabas Gallery                 St. Barnabas Interior Gallery                St. Barnabas Churchyard Gallery

St. Barnabas Churchyard memorial inscriptions (80% complete) from information supplied by Lynne and Paul Powell.  Here are some of the images taken by Lynne and Paul - St. Barnabus Memorial Stones Gallery


Crime and Legal Matters

Beanacre Outrage 1869               Attempted Murder 1869-1870   


Employment and Business

Gamekeepers Certificates 1807


People and Parish Notables

Associations, Clubs, Organisations and Societies

West Wilts Constitutional Association Ball 1928

Family Notices

Family Notices 1800-1849           Family Notices 1900-1949


Death of an Old Inhabitant 1906

Personal Research Items

Tuck Family Research Burial Extracts - This item was donated by Ken Tuck and contains entries that may or may not relate to the Tuck family however they have been published as such.  Many refer to Quaker burials found across the county


War, Conflict and Military Matters

Military Gallery

St. Barnabus Roll of Honour Plaques WWI & WWII





Melksham Oak Community School

Author Re-opens Library 2014




Non Conformity and Other Places of Worship

Primitive Methodist Chapel




Parishioners Wills

Thomas Hancocke Proved 1621



Shaw or Shawhill

Shaw Photogallery


School & Education News 1800-1849


Employment and Business

Trades Unions

Trades Union Membership 


People and Parish Notables

Family Notices 1800-1849           Family Notices 1900-1949 

Personal Research Items

Tuck Family Research Burial Extracts - This item was donated by Ken Tuck and contains entries that may or may not relate to the Tuck family however they have been published as such.  Many refer to Quaker burials found across the county



National Probate Index 1858-1966

Parishioners Wills

Lewis Brabant Proved 1757


War, Conflict and Military Matters

Diocese of Salisbury Memorial Book 1914-1918               Christ Church Roll of Honour WWI (with Whitley)






Wage Rise for Labourers 1838


People and Parish Notables

Poll of Freeholders 1772          Family Notices 1800-1849           Family Notices 1900-1949 

Personal Research Items

Tuck Family Research Burial Extracts - This item was donated by Ken Tuck and contains entries that may or may not relate to the Tuck family however they have been published as such.  Many refer to Quaker burials found across the county



National Probate Index 1858-1966


Parishioners Wills

Richard Ollerton Proved 1839


War, Conflict and Military Matters

See the Shaw page for the Church Roll of Honour

Diocese of Salisbury Memorial Book 1914-1918  

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