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Minety - OPC Vacancy

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Minety - St. Leonard Minety - St. Leonard

Minety Village Photo Gallery

Contiguous Parishes (our neighbours)

Ashton Keynes - Charlton (Malmesbury) - Cricklade St Sampson - Crudwell - Hankerton - Leigh - Oaksey - Purton with Braydon  - Somerford Keynes


Websites of Interest

GenUKI - For information on Minety.
Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - The Wiltshire County Archives for all historical documents and the place to obtain original copies.
Wiltshire Community History - Historical information for parishes within the Wiltshire County jurisdiction.
BBC History - A history of Minety.
Duncan and Mandy's Website - St Leonard's Church.
Duncan and Mandy's Website - Primitive Methodist Chapel.
Village Website - News from the Village.
British Listed Buildings - Listed Buildings in Minety.
Wiltshire Community History - Concise History of Minety.


The Parish Church of St. Leonard

St. Leonard Gallery

The majority of the existing church dates from the 15th century and is constructed of coursed rubble with stone dressings and ashlar copings. Over the years there have been the inevitable repairs and maintenance to such as the roofs and windows. There have been some 20th century modifications such as the addition of the choir vestry, a chamber in the north aisle and modern heating. An organ was installed in 1860, but this was replaced in the 20th century. The tower contains a peal of five bells, four dating from the 16th century and one being added in the 1720's.

Much of the original stained glass had disappeared by the 1660's when Aubrey paid a visit to Minety. There were traces, to varying degrees, of windows memorialising the Hungerford, Chick and Clay families. A stained glass window commemorating the Perry-Keene family was added during 1869. The Walter Penn buried in the chancel is an ancestor of Sir William Penn who founded Pennsylvania in the 1650's.

Prior to the existing building an Anglo-Saxon church stood on the site. Part of an Anglo-Saxon cross, believed to date from 850 AD , was unearthed from below the chancel in 1900  and is displayed inside the church.

The church site fell within the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Salisbury and the Archdeaconry of Wilts in the Malmesbury Deanery from 1270 until 1887 when it became part of the Chippenham Deanery. Prior to that it was held by Malmesbury Abbey. Since 2007 it has formed part of the Braydon Brook Benefice of Ashley, Charlton, Crudwell, Hankerton, Minety, and Oaksey.

Incumbents 1548-1936                 Parish Church News 1836-1899                     Parish Church News 1900-1938                             Talk by Rev. Emberson 1939

Parish Register Transcripts


1606-1693          1707-1749          1750-1799          1800-1824          1825-1849


1605-1699          1700-1749           1750-1799          1800-1837


1606-1693           1700-1749           1750-1799           1800-1837

Parish Registers held at WSHC

Baptisms 1673-1969
Marriages 1663-1978
Burials 1663-1969
BTs 1838-1879 are held at Bristol Record Office


Parish History

The parish of Minety currently forms part of North Wiltshire, but, until 20 October 1844, it formed a detached part of Gloucestershire which was completely surrounded by Wiltshire. There was yet another unusual situation in that the church, churchyard, an area of about 40 acres and a few houses, known as Wiltshire Row, formed an isolated part of Wiltshire within this isolated part of Gloucestershire.

Minety is 5 miles North East of Malmesbury

Minety, or any of its many derivative names (Mintih, Mintig, Minty, Minti, Mynty, Minthgi, Menthie, Munte, Minitide, Mynetye) originally gained its name from an area of wild mint besides a small stream. Initially the village formed in a small clearing in Braydon Forest, which used to cover thousands of acres of North Wilts and Gloucestershire. Gradual deforestation, particularly in the 17th century, took place and the land use changed to pasture. Arable farming was not generally appropriate due to the heavy clay soil.

Apart from Roman brick and tile and 14th century pottery production there was very little industry in Minety until the 1840's. The building of the railway and station brought major changes to the prosperity of the parish. The ease of transporting liquid milk to major town centres, rather than converting it to cheese, provided a much larger market and proved lucrative. This prosperity in turn attracted more businesses into the parish together with the various necessary support services. Not all business ventures proved a success, however. The Minety Distillery started in 1857 but failed after only 2 years. 

Over the next hundred years or so Minety expanded, with more inhabitants needing additional schools, shops and services. Mains water was connected in 1937 and electricity in 1948. Greater mechanisation of land preparation also meant more arable farming was possible.

The Beeching cuts to the railway infrastructure in the mid 1960's, causing the complete closure of the station to both goods and passenger traffic, signalled the start of the gradual change to what Minety is today, an agricultural parish with a largely residential and commuting population with practically no local shops or businesses.

Dr. James Lee published "A History of Minety" in 2008.

John Aubrey's Minety Timeline Population and Other Information
Parish News 1763-1849 Parish News 1850-1899 Parish News 1900-1940

Civil Registration

1837 - April 1936 Malmesbury Registration District
April 1936 - Present Chippenham Registration District


Buildings and Land

Property Sales Notices 1774-1849 Land Tax Redemption 1798 Property Sales Notices 1850-1859
Property Sales Notices 1860-1869 Property Sales Notices 1870-1899 Owners of Land 1873
Property Sales Notices 1900-1939 Minety Station 2009  


Maps 1773-2014                Ordnance Survey Map 1816               Detail of OS Map 1816             


Crime and Legal Matters

Inmates of Gloucester Gaol 1815-1879                  Edmund Taylor's Brushes with the Legal System 1862-1865

Bastardy Examinations

Bastardy Examinations 1866 Brain v Jones 1867 Timbrill v Haynes 1877
Read v Prior 1878 Jackson v Miles 1907  

Claims Court

Telling v Brown 1843 Messrs Cripps v Keene 1845 Westmacott v Clark 1855
Hall v GWR 1858 Ody v Andrews 1858 Beazley v Brown 1860
Boulton v Andrews 1860 Tidmarsh v Price 1862 Misc Claims 1865
Perry Keene v Skuse 1866 Wells v Webb 1867 Clappen v Williams 1873
Howse v Seymour 1873 Tidmarsh v Spencer 1877 Clark v Brown 1878
Oddfellows v Greenaway 1879 Price & Others v Jones & Hinder 1885-86 Habgood v Poole 1886
Ellison v Webb 1888 Jones v Hinder 1888 Kinnett v Read 1900
Ricketts v Tidmarsh 1900 Timbrell v Tidmarsh 1900 Mustoe v Compton 1903
Sly v Mills 1905 Taylor v GWR 1915 Brown v Nells 1916 
Ellison v Blackwell 1920 Strange v Russell 1921 Dale, Forty & Co v Mr & Mrs Pearson 1923
Ody v Baker 1924 King v Tidmarsh 1927 Taylor & Sons v Clements 1935

Court Cases

John Brown 1841 Charles Scott 1844 Oldship, Sextie & Burge 1856
Westmacott & Coole 1859 David Timbrill 1861 Abraham Brown 1863
John Norrish 1863 Alfred Wright 1863 Godwin & Hulbert 1865
Greenslade & Vincent 1865 George Bone 1866 Mark Field 1866
John Price 1866 Walter Titcumb 1866 Matthews & Price 1873
Hicks & Prater 1873 Mahon & Neate 1879 Harry Hunt 1881
John Freeth 1882 Robert Emerson 1884 William Dodge 1885
Walter Poole 1885 Frederick Edmonds 1901 Henry Sutton 1901
William Smart 1907 Grace Bridger 1924 Reginald Clarke 1929
Wilfred Hazell 1933 Frank James 1937  Martin, Vizer, Clarke & Clarke 1939
Frederick Woodward 1940 Charles Scott 1943  

Crime Reports

Crime Reports 1800-1849 Crime Reports 1850-1874 Crime Reports 1875-1899
Crime Reports 1900-1949    


Post Office 1849 Post Office 1855 Post Office 1859 Kellys 1867 Post Office 1875 Kellys 1889
Kellys 1895 Kellys 1898 Kellys 1903 Kellys 1907 Kellys 1911 Kellys 1915
Kellys 1920 Kellys 1927 Swindon & District 1928 Kellys 1939 Taylors Telephone 1941  


At present there is one primary school and no secondary school in Minety. Since 1847 the parish has been served by three schools; St Leonard's Church of England (1847-1968), Silver Street (1875-1968) and the current school, Minety Church of England (1969-present).

Minety Schools


Emigration and Migration

Strays Index          Out of Parish Marriages 1620-1837


Employment and Business


Apprentice records published here may not necessarily mean that the apprentice was from the parish but was apprenticed to a master within the parish.

Samuel Baker 1752

General Items

Bankruptcy Notices 1779-1927                                            Situations Wanted & Vacant 1857-1899                                 Situations Wanted & Vacant 1900-1941

The Minety Distillery

Distillery Company 1857-1859                                             Charge of Assault 1858                                                       Newspaper Reports Hibberd & Perry-Keene 1859


Miscellaneous Documents

Letter to the Editor 1847                                                     Sparrow Club 1861

Newspaper Adverts & Notices      

1822-1849                          1850-1859                             1860-1899                           1900-1941


Non Conformity and Other Places of Worship

Primitive Methodist

A Methodist chapel was built in 1865 and renovated in 1916. It was eventually sold off for private use.

Chapel Foundation 1865                                                             Chapel Opening 1865                                                                  Non Conformist News 1885


Quakers were active in the parish in 1662 and in the early 18th century. There were 16 Protestant nonconformists recorded in 1676. William Penn, the Quaker, a descendant of a Minety inhabitant, was given a large tract of land in America, which later became Pennsylvania.

Strict Baptist

In 1821, a dwelling house had been licensed for Baptist worship and later, in 1840, the Strict Baptist Chapel was built. The original building was made of wattle and daub with a thatched roof and stone floor. The Chapel was re-built in the mid 19th century with stone walls and a tiled roof ands was kept operational until it closed in 12968. The last burial took place in 1988 and after which the chapel was removed. The small fenced graveyard still exists.


People and Parish Notables

Ian Scot Anderson MBE - Frontman, Lead Vocalist, Musician and Songwriter with the Rock Band Jethro Tull - Born 10 Aug 1947 in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland - Resident of Braydon Hall, Minety.

Minety and the Penn Family Archelaus Barrett 1833-1923 Deputy Lieutenants 1860
Jonathan Read 1942 Steven Mills 1966-2011 Printer's Memories 2014

Associations, Clubs, Organisations and Societies

Women's Institute 1935-1940

Census Returns Transcripts

1841         1851         1861         1871         1881         1891         1901         1911

Please note that the 1841 census was taken under Gloucestershire jurisdiction - the place of birth does not reflect Wiltshire born.

Divorce & Separation

Separation of William & Ann Telling 1822

Elections, Polls & Voters Lists

Poll Book 1818          Voters Lists 1832          Voters Lists Revisions 1843          Poll Book 1865          MP Nominations 2015          MP Nominations 2017

Family Notices

1750-1849           1850-1899           1900-1949   

Funeral Notices

John Clarke 1937                Henry Manners 1941

Inquest Reports

William Hamblett 1795 John Joachim 1842 Mary Hicks 1843
Mary Timbrell 1845 John Withers 1848 Ann Packer 1849
Sarah Curtis 1853 John W Evans 1855 William Price 1855
Christopher Cole 1858  Caroline Gunter 1858  Sarah Ponting 1858 
John Daniel 1860 New Born Child 1862 Alice L Read 1863
Joseph Taylor 1865 Frederick Brain 1868  Thomas Reed 1868
Thomas Reynolds 1868 John Stephens 1872 Mary Sollis 1875
Dr William G Wells 1884 Noah Ody 1887 Edwin Smart 1900
Viscount Trafalgar 1905 Son of Mr Newman 1909 Edward J Hinder 1922
Job Simpkins 1937 Arthur W R Horsell 1942 Abraham Hughes 1944


Rev W W A Butt 1917                                                              Rev T A Ludlow-Hewitt 1936                                                         Sir David Gamble 1943

Sports and Pastimes

Cricket News 1864-1866 Sports News 1900-1949 Football News 1923-1938
Minety Choir 1924-1931    

Wedding Reports

Addison & Perry Keene 1870 Burgoyne & Stratford 1907 Newman & Biddington 1933
Clarke & Day 1934 Clarke & Payne 1934 Lloyd & Kennaway 1936
Taylor & Scott 1936 Clarke & Milton 1937 Read & Scaysbrook 1937
Wheeler & Price 1937 Telling & Ponting 1938 Hayes & Gough 1938
Ludlow-Hewitt & Taylor 1938 Taylor & Walker 1938 Trinder & Read 1938
Fletcher & Smith 1939 Pritchard & Cooper 1939 Telling & Scott 1940
Telling & Wildern 1940 Ludlow-Hewitt & Anslow-Sole 1943  

Poor Law, Charity and the Workhouse

A local parish workhouse and garden was set up in 1813 near the Ashton Road, at a cost of £71, and continued in use until 1838 when the Malmesbury Workhouse took over the Poor Law requirements for Minety together with 24 other local parishes.

Tenders for Bread and Flour 1835 Tenders for Medical Service 1837 Election of Guardians 1839
Election of Guardians 1843 Election of Guardians 1844 Election of Guardians 1860
Election of Guardians 1867 Nomination of Guardians 1886  


Probate Index 1602-1880                                                                 Newspaper Probate Notices 1781-1936

Parishioners Wills

Charles Brown Proved 1825 John Brown Proved 1814 Arabella Browne Proved 1744 Thomas Browne Proved 1738
Elizabeth Clark Proved 1851 Christopher Cole Proved 1845 James Corfield Proved 1856 Daniel Hiscock Proved 1757
Joseph Hiscock Proved 1794 Richard Hiscock Proved 1850 Ann Jones Proved 1824 Sarah Jones Proved 1827
Joseph Keene Proved 1827 Thomas Keene Proved 1832 William Keene Proved 1822 (Extract) Harry Peaple Proved 1825
John Peaple Proved 1846 Phillipp Timbrell proved 1650 Phillip Timbrel Proved 1818 Mary Warren Proved 1851

War, Conflict and Military Matters

War Memorials & Military Photo Gallery

Servicemen and Women

Servicemen & Families with the 1st Wilts. Regt. in South Africa 1911

Uncategorsied Military Items

A book "Minety at War" by Richard Meakin was published in 2002.

Why the Poppy


Ninety one men from Minety served in World War I.

WWI Casualties                   WWI Participants


Edgar Cecil Law 1916


During World War II a dummy airfield was built on the Moor and search lights were temporarily sighted in Minety Park., before being moved to the south coast in 1941. The small camp that was left became a prisoner of war camp housing Italians. German POWs arrived later.

In August 1939, 100 evacuees, all from one school, arrived at Minety station. They arrived with their teachers and were accommodated in  Minety, Crudwell, Oaksey and Charlton. The Village Hall was used as a school for the evacuees.

Minety had two platoons of Home Guard, which used the station yard for drills. There was a room at the New Red Lion which served as the Home Guard Headquarters.

During the period from 1939 to 1945 in and around Minety, there were a few aircraft crashes and crash landings with at least two fatalities. On one occasion, two Tiger Moths actually landed safely between Derry Brook and Minety Common. They had become lost and after talking to the locals and getting their bearings they were on their way again.

WWII Casualties          Home Guards 1940-1944

War Memorials and Dedications

War Memorial                    George Pennell Memorial Scroll 1917



Much of this page was submitted by David Palmer as OPC for the parish.  Sadly David passed away in December 2015 but he has left a fantastic legacy to this page.



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