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Seend - OPC Vacancy

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Seend - Holy Cross Seend - Holy Cross ©John Pope

Seend Photo Gallery

Contiguous Parishes (our neighbours)

Keevil - Melksham - Poulshot - Rowde - Semington


Websites of Interest

GenUKI - For information on Wiltshire and Seend.
Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - The Wiltshire County Archives for all historical documents and the place to obtain original copies. 
Wiltshire Community History - Historical information for parishes within the Wiltshire County jurisdiction.
Seend - Village Website includes the Spotlight News Letter. 
Seend Parish Council - Information Page.


The Parish Church of Holy Cross

Holy Cross Church Gallery               Holy Cross Interior               Holy Cross Churchyard

Church News 1850-1899 Testimonial to Rev. H. Barnes 1852 Presentation to Rev. Brooks 1855
Church Repairs 1858 Chancel Renovation 1876 Church Re-opening 1888
Organ Dedication Services 1889 Vestry Meeting for Free Sittings 1890 Church Officers 2015
Church Improvement Funding Appeal 2017 Church Improvement Plans 2017  


Church Officials

William Willshire, Parish Clerk and Charmer of Warts 1819-1892

Parish Registers Held at WSHC

Baptisms 1612-1969
Marriages 1612-1996
Burials 1612-1992


Parish History

Brief History Parish News 1800-1849 Parish Celebrations 1800-1849
Parish News 1850-1899 Queen Victoria Jubilee Celebrations 1887-1888 Parish News 1900-1949
Planned Coronation Celebrations 1902 Coronation Celebrations 1937  


Civil Registration

1837 - April 1936 Melksham Registration District
April 1936 - Present Devizes Registration District

Village Magazine - Spotlight

February 2004 March 2004 April 2004 May 2004 June 2004 July 2004
August & September 2004 October 2004 November 2004 December 2004 & January 2005 February 2005 March 2005
April 2005 May 2005 June 2005 July 2005 August & September 2005 October 2005
December 2005 & January 2006          
March 2014 April 2014 May 2014 June 2014 July 2014 August & September 2014
October 2014 November 2014 December 2014 & January 2015 February 2015 March 2015 April 2015
May 2015 June 2015 July 2015 August & September 2015 October 2015 November 2015
December 2015 & January 2016 February 2016        

Buildings and Land


Preservation of Seend Hill 1936


Farm Owners & Occupiers from 1798           Record Price Paid for Smallholding 1920


Fire Destroys Dwelling 1852

General Items

Old Field Names           Land & Building News 1750-1799           Land & Building News 1800-1849          Land & Building News 1850-1899          Buildings & Land News 1900-1949


Owners of Land 1873


Ordnance Surveyor's Drawings 1808-1811

Proerty Sales and Lets

Property to Be Let or Wanted 1850-1899           Property Sales & Auctions 1900-1999          Sale of Seend Row House 1931

Public Houses

Barge Inn, Seend Cleeve

The Barge Inn

Bell Inn, High Street, Seend
Brewery Inn, Seend Cleeve
Three Magpies, Sells Green



Railway Station Opens 1858 

Roads and Paths

Right of Way Dispute 1921          Proposed By Pass 1938


Crime and Legal Matters

Animal Related Crime


Farmer Fined 1935


Gelding Taken Without Payment 1789           Horse Thefts 1865           Cruelty to a Horse 1874


Charge of Moving Pig Without a License 1910


Sheep Stealing 1828           Killing & Injuring Sheep 1878           Cruelty to Sheep 1933


Assault on Postman 1865           Milking Cows & Assault 1874


Bigamy Case 1890

Business Crime

Farmers Charged with Selling Inferior Milk 1937           Bath Butcher Fined for Breaking Ration Quotas 1941

Civil Matters


Alleged Breach of Covenant 1915

Housing Disputes

Rent & Cabbages Dispute 1886

Slander & Libel

Action for Slander 1860           Libel Case Against Richard Ludlow-Bruges 1881          



Melksham Petty Sessions 1871           Melksham Petty Sessions 1872            Qualified to sit as Magistrates 1886

Cyber Crime

Vicars Friends Tricked by Hacker 2012

Drink Related Crime

Drunk & Riotous Behaviour 1790           Keeping a Disorderly House 1866           Street Fighting 1890           Beer License Opposed but Granted 1923

Driving Offences

Negligent Driving Charge 1924 Not Guilty of Wreckless Driving 1924-1925 Road Rage 1928 Motor Collided with Lorry 1934 Motorcycle, Bicycle and Baby 1935
Fatal Road Accident Court Case 1938 Manslaughter Charge Revised to Dangerous Driving 1940 Damages Award for Motor Accident 1949    


Employment Crime

Servant Refused to Clean Candlestick 1861           Hawking Without A License 1889           Mail Stolen by Postman 1946


Con Men 1852            Obtaining Money by False Pretence 1889            Slate Club Embezzlement 1921          Cheque Fraud 1923

General Crime Items

Crime Reports 1700-1749          Crime Reports 1750-1799           Crime Reports 1800-1849           Crime Reports 1850-1899            Crime Reports 1900-1949                       Crime Reports 1950-1999


Trial of Catherine Hill 1779-1780           Suicide or Murder 1833           Wilful Murder 1840           Child Murder 1870

Prisons & Prisoners

Inmates of Gloucester Gaol 1815-1879           Convicts sent to Prison Hulks 1823-1842           Prisoner Cut His Own Throat 1854


On the Run 1785 Canal Boatman Flees Justice 1809 Crimes of James Rawlings 1815-1816 Shoplifting 1828 Church Robber 1829
Robbed by Drinking Partners 1851 Mystery of Floating Cap and Trunk 1860 Stealing Charge 1862 Labourer Stole Spade 1863 Trousers Theft 1865
Coal Theft 1866
Stealing Potatoes 1867
Missing Watch 1870
Charged with Stealing a Bicycle 1906
Devizes Bank Theft 1922
Prison Sentence for Burglary 1931



Transportation of Prisoners 1827


Trowbridge Highways Board Post Removed Illegally 1872                   


Witchcraft 1773



Kellys 1931



Private Education 1797 Education News 1800-1849 Education News 1850-1899
Corporal Punishment 1871 Education News 1900-1949  


Emigration and Migration

Strays Index               Visitors to Bath 1910-1928


Employment and Business

Agriculture and Land

Farm Worker Wins Award at Chertsey Agricultural Show 1927


Missing Apprentice 1799

Apprentice records published here may not necessarily mean that the apprentice was from the parish but was apprenticed to a master within the parish.

Ambrose Awdry 1710          Robert Bartlett 1724           William Bartlett 1713           George Bishop 1752            Charles Blake 1725         William Blear 1757           Elizabeth Blizard 1755

Wiltshire Society Apprentices

Frederick John Brewer 1911           Charles Wigmore 1852


British Postal Services Appointments 1737-1969           Sunday Postal Service 1850

Community Services

Police Sergeant Reakes Retires 1932

General Employment Items

Employment Notices 1850-1899          James Lampier, Soldier & Toll Collector 1872

Iron Works

Seend Iron Works 1856-1890 

Markets and Fairs

Christmas Fare at Devizes 1870


Great Western Railway Staff Changes 1937

Trades Unions

William James Abbott 1917


Miscellaneous Documents

Blue Tits Made Nest in Post Box 1950               Beer Festival 2014


This little ditty was written by R. Robert Paine of Seend on 17th October 1701

Remember well and bare in miend
A trust friend is hard to fiend
When you have fouend one that is trusty and trew
Then do not change him for A Knew.
[Source WHSC 653/32]


Non Conformity and Other Places of Worship

Seend Wesleyan Methodist Church

Opened by John Wesley on Saturday 4 March 1775, Seend Chapel is still open for services.  In 1757 the Wiltshire Circuit Book listed the membership of the Seend Society as 42.  Sunday services are at 10am normally on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.  A quarterly United Service is held with the Anglican Church alternating between each site in the benefice and at the Chapel.               Methodist Church Gallery

Methodism in Seend John Wesley Preaching at Bearfield & Seend 1749 Non Conformist News 1850-1899
Contribution to the Jewish Fund 1851 Wesleyan Methodist Church Officers 2015  

People and Parish Notables

People Gallery

Undated Items

Bell Family of Cleeve House                William Heald Ludlow-Bruges, MP

1700 - 1799

Family Notices 1700-1749                 Family Notices 1750-1799                  

1800 - 1899

Family Notices 1800-1849 Accidents 1800-1849 Patients of Bath Hospital 1800-1849
The Eccentric Henry Williamson 1834-1839 Creditors Indenture Report on Thomas Wilbee 1839 Accidents 1850-1899
Banking & Financial Notices 1850-1899 Family Notices 1850-1899 Patients in Bath Hospital 1850-1899
Coach Accident 1854 Staffordshire Mode of Resuscitation Successful 1854 Baptism of an Infant 1859
Joseph Knee - Christmas Man 1860 Rifle Club Prize Winners 1860 Death Of John Giffard 1866
Death of an Elderly Man 1867 Lucky Escape for Alfred Manley 1886  

1900 - 1999

Divorce Decrees 1900-1949 Family Notices 1900-1949 Sport & Leisure News 1900-1949
People News 1900-1949 Humane Society Bravery Certificate Awarded 1902 Telephone Subscribers 1926-1934
Miss West Awdry 1930 Nominations for District Ranger of the Ancient Order of Foresters 1930 Missing Girl 1934
Diamond Wedding Celebrated 1936 Celebration of Golden Wedding 1937 Colonel Doone & The Scalpay Monster 1937
Golden Wedding Celebrated 1937 Seend Connection with Stone, Staffordshire 1950 Family Notices 1950-1999


Bankruptcies 1800-1849 Bankrupts 1850-1899 John Batch Sheppard 1860 Edward Gough 1862-1863
Charles Hollingsworth Tidbury 1870 George Hitchcock Blake 1932-1935 Ronald William Spurgeon 1933-1948  

Census Returns Transcripts


Associations, Clubs, Societies and Organisations

Speaker at Soroptimist Meeting 1946

The Parish offers a very diverse programme of clubs and activities to suit parishioners of all ages and interests.  Further information for current activities may be found on the parish website found in the website links at the top of this page.

Acoustic Club Astronomy Society Book Club
Bouncy Club, The Pavilion Brownie Pack Bulkington & District Junior Youth Group
Bulkington & District Youth Group Community Centre & Seend Club, Rusty Lane Cricket Club
Fawlty Players, Pantomime Group Fete Committee Football Club
Gardening Club, The Pavilion Historic Houses Club Lye Field Committee
Mother's Union Other Book Club Playgroup, The Pavilion
Poetry Group Ramblers Group Royal British Legion
Seend Trust Short Mat Bowls Club Skittles Club
Summer Playscheme Tennis Club Theatre Visits Club
Wine Circle Women's Institute, Irene Usher Memorial Hall, Rusty Lane Workers' Educational Association

Elections and Polls

Poll of Freeholders 1772 Poll Book 1818 Voters List 1832 Voters Lists Revisions 1843 Liberal Candidate for North Wilts. 1868
New County Councillor Elected 1941 MP Nominations 2015      



Halloween Celebrations 1900 - Present         Hunt Ball 1929

Funeral Reports

H. S. Awdry 1929 May Delme Awdry 1940 James C Clapp 1928 Wadham Locke 1780-1835 
Mrs. Ludlow-Bruges 1889 H H Ludlow-Bruges 1903 Adelaide Mary Marsh 1940 Memorial Service for William Rozet Martin 1934
Emily Stuart Maurice 1940 Ada Morgan 1935 Catherine Mary Noad 1937 F. E. Salisbury 1927
Thomas Shell 1855 Amy Beatrice Webb 1928  


Inquest Reports 1800-1849           Inquest Reports 1850-1899           Dispute Over Inquest Evidence 1886

Esther Bigwood 1928 James Bryant 1861 Thomas Butcher 1931 Mary Ann Chivers 1857
Joseph Collett 1929
Winifred Collins 1933
John Downing 1864
Florence Drake 1932
Dennis Elms 1930 Thomas Gilbert 1871 Charles Gum 1904 James Harris 1866 
William Hodges 1857 Gertrude Jones 1926 Mark Lazbury 1850
James Long 1865
Florence Ludgate 1939 Percy Noad 1934 William Revell 1883
Mrs. Richards 1874
John Snozzle 1871 (William) Henry Tasker 1902 William S. Tucker 1922 Walter Henry Wheeler 1924 
Sophia Wiltshire 1889    


Ambrose Awdry 1890
Rev. Edward Seymour Awdry 1936
W. Heward Bell 1927 Charles Daubeny 1896
George Henry Fooks 1944
Ishmael Hamblin 1921
George Cranmer Kenrick 1869
Rev. Gilbert Alfred King 1930
Wadham Locke 1896
John William Montagu 1882
John Hungerford Penruddocke 1944
William Porter 1868
E. C. Schomberg 1935 Joseph Trigge Schomberg 1878 Thomas Charles Usher 1941       

Parish Notables

Frederick Kempster

Circus Performer and Britain's tallest man - for further information about Frederick Kempster please refer to the Worton & Marston Parish Page where a more comprehensive section can be viewed.               Wiltshire Giant 1916

Paul Martin - Antiques Dealer & TV Presenter

Personal Research Items

Tuck Family Research Burial Extracts - These items were donated by Ken Tuck and contains entries that may or may not relate to the Tuck family however they have been published as such.  Many references to Quaker entries may be found from across the county.


Soccer 1900-1999

Wedding Reports

Miss Montagu 1881 Lilly Caroline Gale 1888 Capt. William Acton & Miss Lorna Bell 1914
Joseph Sturggess & Mabel Perrett 1919 Alfred Weston & Grace Harris 1924 James Mayell & Miss Gladys Redwood 1931

Poor Law, Charity and The Workhouse


Charity, Donations & Legacies 1800-1849                              Poor Law Union Audit 1849                Charity, Donations & Legacies 1850-1899               Charity, Donations & Legacies 1900-1949


Poor Law & Union Workhouse News 1800-1849



Probate Notices 1800-1849               Probate Notices 1850-1899               Estate Values 1900-1949

Inquisitions Post Mortem of Lands Held

William Jones 1626               Thomas Lambert 1639

Legacy Notices

A New Hospital at Melksham 1938 Melksham Cottage Hospital Legacy 1934 Florence Barbara Lilie Hussey-Freke 1947 Lisette Henrietta Ludlow-Bruges 1932
Henry Hungerford Ludlow-Bruges 1903 Arthur Joseph Schomberg 1924 Philip Charles Alexander Usher 1941

Parishioners Wills

Hannah Awdrey Proved 1852 Lawrence Baker Proved 1704
Daniel Barns Proved 1841 Jeffery Hicks 1751
John Orrell Proved 1744 Ann Stokes proved 1618 John Stokes proved 1648 William Stokes Proved 1612
William Stokes proved 1619 Joane Stokks Proved 1594    

War, Conflict and Military Matters

War Memorials & Military Gallery

Why the Poppy Military Deserter 1793 Military News 1800-1849
Military News 1850-1899 Militia Stores, Hospital and a New Commission 1854 William Henry Ludlow Cale 1867
Major Justly William Awdry to Attend Kings Levee 1911 Seend House to Open as Convalescent Home 1914 Seend Roll of Honour Plaque
Seend War Memorial Lieutenant James Cromwell Bush 1917 Diocese of Salisbury Memorial Book 1914-1918
Soldiers Who Died in WWI Named in Calne & District Casualty List Philip Usher, RAF Chaplain 1941 Soldiers Died in Motor Crash 1943

WWI Casualties

Geoffrey Walter Akerman 1919

Seend Contra Napoleon - 1798

On the 12th April 1798 the curate of Seend made an entry in the churchwardens account book of the village.  Here he recorded the names of parishioners who had "Voluntarily Contributed in Aid of the Exertions of Government to resist the Attempts of France, who now Insolently and openly threaten us with an Invasion for the avow'd purpose of Overturning The Religion, The Laws, and The Established Constitution of this Country". The total of £106 4s., subscribed by 63 individuals, was indeed worthy of being recorded as a lasting Monument to the zeal and loyalty of those who stood forward in Defence of their King and Country at this important and Critical Juncture. Read More about Seend and how it helped raise funds for the cause

The document holds other interests for us as well; for the curate not only entered the names of the donors and the sum which each gave, but in most cases also their occupation, so that the list provides an unusually full outline for a survey of the village community of that time.  Search the donors list here 

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