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Saturday, 11 February 2012 09:18

Welcome to the Wiltshire O. P. C. Home Page

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They Gave Their Tomorrow For Our Today.  With Pride and Honour - We Will Remember Them They Gave Their Tomorrow For Our Today. With Pride and Honour - We Will Remember Them

About The Project

The OPC Project concept was the original idea of family historians in Cornwall who launched the first OPC project;  Devon and Dorset followed next, and there are several now more counties taking part.  The idea is to assist those who are researching their family history in a specific parish who might otherwise have difficulty accessing information at record offices, etc.  The Wiltshire OPC Project began tentatively in 2006 and has grown from strength to strength.  Information is organised by the historic Church of England parishes within the county.  Although there is a strong focus on genealogical information, we also include historical and social information.  All parishes have been registered as one-place studies.    We now have a diary page which will be updated from time to time.  You can also follow us on Twitter and on Facebook.          Put a face to the name - meet your OPC Team.  



The new management team face new challenges and we will keep the site running for as long as we can.  We intend to keep the site as a free to use facility but the time has come to follow other projects of a similar genre and give our users the opportunity of making a small donation to assist us to keep the site running for the longer good.  With that in mind we have set up a Go Fund Me page the purpose of this is to raise enough money to help us cover the running costs for the foreseeable future.   Please note that this is a voluntary donation and is not a requirement to use this site.  The site will remain free to anyone who wishes to use the information we provide.  

The people who run the site do so as volunteers and receive no financial rewards whatsoever so please be assured that your donation will be used to maintain the site and for no other purpose.  We do hope you understand our move in this direction and thank you all in advance for any support you give. 


Surname Interests

We have decided to create some files via Facebook to accommodate those members who would like to register their surname interests.  


Photo Galleries

We must apologise for anyone using the photo galleries at present.  We are still adding to these galleries but sadly the facility to sort in any particular order has been withdrawn by Google Photos which is how we at present display out images.  Also in some cases the labelling of the image itself is not showing up.  This is mainly due to the creation of new galleries.  Anything added to a previously active gallery still shows this labelling.  The OPC Webmaster and team are looking into alternatives to enable us to publish our photos and have control over the order they are seen.  Many thanks for your patience whilst this is being sorted.


A Little Information About Using This Website  

As mentioned previously information is laid out within parishes.  There is also a page to cover the whole of the county and also a military page which relates to the county as a whole.  There are also pages for research inquiries and other general information just explore the drop down menus at the top of the page.  Most pages follow a set layout to assist you in finding information quickly under categories which have a set order.  The Categories are Neighbouring Parishes (Contiguous); Websites; Parish Church; Parish History; Buildings & Land; Crime & Legal Matters; Directories; Education; Emigration & Migration; Employment & Business; Miscellaneous Items; Non Conformity & Other Places of Worship; People & Parish Notables; Poor Law, Charity & The Workhouse; Probate; War, Conflict and Military.  Under Transcriptions at the bottom of the page can be found any Baptisms, Marriages, Burials & Census that have been completed.  Categories will contain sub headings but these should be selective and contain a series of documents of the same kind such as parishioners wills.  The documents themselves will normally follow a layout of oldest items first reading from left to right in columns of 3 or 4 items per row.  The documents are linked to a pdf format and the title should be descriptive but concise so that you can see what you are likely to find within.  Where there is a tithing or hamlet that has a fair amount of information these will have a tab (page) within that parish towards the end of the page.  Photo Galleries can be found by following the links on parish pages or by accessing the main gallery section at the top of the page.   The most recent parishes or items updated or expanded can be found by clicking on the images under the 3 headings towards the top of the home page.  

Although most items are published on parish pages please also check the Wiltshire Additional Parish Page, Wiltshire County Wide Page, Wiltshire Military Page and the Nationwide Page.  All of these may contain additional information not published on a parish page.  

Due to the nature of the project some pages will hold more information than others.  New items are being added to the site daily.

As you can see from the Memorial Days Section to the right of the page we are adding as many soldiers memorial days as we can.  If anyone knows of soldiers whose deaths are not yet listed please let the admin team know.  You may check which names are included by browsing through the calendar facility on this page.  


What is an OPC?

An OPC (on-line parish clerk) is a volunteer member of the public who "adopts" a parish in Wiltshire becoming its custodian.  The OPC is then able to research the parish and transcribe historical and genealogical information for that particular parish which may be of value to family history researchers and social historians.  Our motto is "What may or may not be of interest to you, will be of interest to others".  This information is gathered from many different sources, for example, parish registers, census records, churchwardens and overseers accounts, historical wills, business and trade directories, church and village histories, newspaper reports, war casualty lists, etc.  An on-line parish clerk should not be confused with a parish clerk engaged by a parish council or parochial church council.    


Adopt a Parish and Become an OPC

Firstly, you do not need to live in Wiltshire, or even in the UK, to become an OPC.  We have OPC's in Australia, Canada, Holland, England, New Zealand, India, Scotland and several in Wiltshire itself!  Some OPC's choose to adopt a particular parish because their ancestors hailed from that village or town or because they once lived there themselves; some just want to be part of a voluntary project to help family history researchers worldwide.  Others choose their parish because of a subject interest such as Australian Soldiers of WWI buried in the county.  Once you adopt a parish then you become its custodian by researching and building on the resources on the parish page.  Even if a parish is adopted then other contributors are still welcome to submit items for inclusion.           More about Volunteering

You may feel you don't have the time to adopt a parish, but you can still support the Wiltshire OPC project by:-

  • donating information you may have at home - school photographs, directories, village history booklets - in fact, any historical information on a Wiltshire parish
  • transcribing - we can email records to you to transcribe at home at your own pace
  • taking photographs in Wiltshire - war memorials, buildings, village scenes, plaques, etc. 

If you would like to help with any of the above please contact the OPC of the parish you can help with or if the parish is vacant, contact our Administrator.  Please note that you will need to register and sign in to contact OPC's/Administrator (via the Contact Us tab at the top of this page)            

For a complete list of vacant parishes and other positions you could help with please visit our Vacancy page          For Items needing to be transcribed please visit our Resources Page


Site Statistics

During November 2018 OPC's and transcribers uploaded 142 items to parish pages (including updated documents).  New and updated documents added as we go through December 2018 will be published here.  New images are added to our galleries on a regular basis.  We are always working on new items and information to add to the site and currently hold a large of amount of items to be loaded (however much more information is available elsewhere to be gathered in and processed).  We are currently working on a census transcribing programme as a priority, this is coming along pretty well considering we have a small team working on this.  

At the beginning of each month the site holdings list is updated to show what can be found on parish pages and elsewhere on the site at present we have over 23400 items on parish pages.  Items are annotated with either Submitted or RevisedSubmitted items being the original items transcribed and Revised being those that have additional information added.  The date of when any item was updated can be found at the foot of the published document; the original upload date is in the left hand column, the date when the item was uploaded with changes is in the right hand date column. 

We currently have 52 OPC's and 6 Consultants who cover between them cover 107 parishes/pages of the 335 available.   We also have 21 transcribers registered (not all active at present).  

The site currently has over 500 registered returning users (figures may be reduced after removal of expired accounts) and the web site has been visited over 414300 times.


* * * * * * * * * * 


Copyright & Disclaimer

We think it is important that our users understand the strengths and limitations of this website.  The OPC Project aims to provide historical and genealogical information without charge that researchers might pay a fee for elsewhere.  OPC's voluntarily provide this information, often at their own expense by purchasing documents to transcribe.  In most cases their transcriptions are not checked by anyone other than themselves.   

Our OPC’s and volunteers are aware that material submitted for this site must be within copyright law and accreditation must be given where necessary.  Our Administrator checks items as they are submitted, however, occasionally an item may ‘slip through the net.’  If this occurs, we apologise most sincerely and will correct the issue immediately upon notification.

We don't guarantee to be perfect!  All information should be taken as a guide only and the original source consulted wherever possible.  In many cases this will be the Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre.   Please note that some items are published to parish pages and are incomplete, such items will be updated as and when new information is transcribed.  These are mainly ongoing projects such as the national probate index, strays index, etc.

Please note that OPC's are unable to undertake family history research for our users, but we are always willing, where possible, to advise where the information being sought might be found.

If you find this site useful please tell others - if you have a problem with it then please tell us.  Users of the site are invited to leave comments/constructive criticism &c. in the box at the foot of each parish page or in our guest book.  You may also rate the page using the star option on each parish page.  Thank you.  

GDPR Notice.  For our user policy and information on how we use your personal data then please go to out Privacy Information Page


Please Consider Helping Us Improve This Website - Up Until Now We Have Asked For No Financial Donations - Just a Little Time or Some Photographs or Documents that you are willing to share with us.  Circumstances Now Mean We Need to Ask for the Occasional Financial Donation.  If You Wish to Help by Transcribing or Donating Books, Photographs and Transcripts then contact the Administrator.  If You Could Help with a Small Donation Then You May Do So Via Our Just Giving Appeal.  Thank you to all who have made a donation since the launch of the appeal to each and everyone of you we are most grateful.  The money we raise is used solely for the maintenance and advancement of the site.  

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Memorial Days & Upcoming Events

Wed Dec 12
Broad Chalke - On this day in 1916 Private FILMER WITT gave his life for his country. RIP
Thu Dec 13
Codford (St. Mary) - On this day in 1916 Rifleman WILLIAM GARLICK gave his life for his country. RIP
Thu Dec 13
Stockton - On this day in 1943 Lieutenant JASPER MAURICE ALEXANDER RIDLEY gave his life for his country. RIP
Fri Dec 14
Ashton Keynes - On this day in 1920 Private WILLIAM H. BOOTH gave his life for his country. RIP
Fri Dec 14
Chippenham - On this day in 1916 Private SIMEON ROWE gave his life for his country. RIP.
Sat Dec 15
Blackland - On this day in 1918 Private ALGERNON GREEN gave his life for his country. RIP.
Sun Dec 16
*Salisbury - On this day in 1948 CHRISTOPHER BIGGINS, Actor and TV Presenter was born in Lancashire. He is a long term resident of the city.
Sun Dec 16
Chippenham & Kington St. Michael - On this day in 1979 SIMON PETER EVANS gave his life for his country. RIP.
Sun Dec 16
East Harnham - On this day in 1916 Driver DAVID HERBERT SQUIRES gave his life for his country. RIP.
Sun Dec 16
East Harnham - On this day in 1916 Second Lieutenant HAROLD PERCY TOZER gave his life for his country. RIP.
Sun Dec 16
Fisherton De La Mere - On this day in 1918 Private JESSE DOUGHTY gave his life for his country. RIP
Mon Dec 17
Yatesbury - On this day in 1918 Private ROBERT GUPPY gave his life for his country. RIP.
Tue Dec 18
Chippenham - On this day in 1942 Sub Lieutenant JOHN FRANCIS JACQUIER gave his life for his country. RIP.
Wed Dec 19
Chippenham - On this day in 1941 Able Seaman NORMAN CHARLES MUSTOO gave his life for his country. RIP.
Wed Dec 19
Chippenham - On this day in 1941 Steward THOMAS REGINALD WOOD gave his life for his country. RIP
Thu Dec 20
Baverstock & Whiteparish - On this day in 1917 Gunner HENRY GEORGE BRADFORD gave his life for his country. RIP
Thu Dec 20
Bradford-on-Avon - On this day in 1914 Private GEORGE HENRY HOWELL gave his life for his country. RIP
Thu Dec 20
North Bradley & Salisbury - On this day in 1917 Captain CHRISTOPHER KEN MEREWETHER gave his life for his country. RIP
Thu Dec 20
Yatton Keynell - On this day in 1811 Royal Naval Surgeon WILLIAM BENJAMIN GODFREY died on active service. RIP
Fri Dec 21
Chippenham - On this day in 1943 Flight Lieutenant ELLIS SAMUEL SELLECK (SELLEK) gave his life for his country. RIP.
Sat Dec 22
North Bradley & Trowbridge (Holy Trinity) - On this day in 1916 Private CHARLES ALFRED GRANT gave his life for his country. RIP
Sat Dec 22
Stratton St. Margaret - On this day in 1942 Driver JOHN MARCELL DUGAIT gave his life for his country. RIP
Sun Dec 23
Milford & Salisbury - On this day in 1916 Sergeant HENRY (HARRY) PALMER gave his life for his country. RIP
Mon Dec 24
*Coombe Bissett - On this day in 2016 Legendary Rock Guitarist Rick Parfitt died in hospital in Marbella, Spain. RIP
Mon Dec 24
Avebury - On this day in 1918 Private JAMES CHIVERS gave his life for is country. RIP
Mon Dec 24
Stratton St. Margaret - On this day in 1943 Private WILLIAM ROBERTSON MASON gave his life for his country. RIP

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