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National OPC Schemes

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The idea of the Online Parish Clerk Scheme was the first conceived by researchers in Cornwall in 2001.  Since then several other counties have set up a scheme which have one aim in common - to gather together as much geneaology resources in one place listed parish by parish within the county.  The schemes are run by volunteers who freely give their time to administer, maintain and provide information for the site.  Schemes across the country may differ slightly in content but most will have listed parish records and census returns - the basics for the family historian.  Other sites may very well have more obscure yet interesting information available and most will contain lists of names or will paint a picture of the social scene of the period.

"Since Cornwall started this scheme in January 2001, other counties have adopted the idea, either from scratch or in conjunction with an earlier, similar scheme.  Use a search engine to find if the county you are interested in has a website if not listed below.
If an organisation asks for donations, it's sensible to find out whether or not it's a registered charity or if its accounts are audited."

Would OPC Co-Ordinators from other schemes who wish their link to be added to this page please contact either Susan Penter (Webmaster) or Teresa Lewis (Administrator)

Also if you are interested in setting up a similar scheme for a county that isn't listed please contact Susan Penter (Webmaster & Co-Ordinator) for further information.

If anyone wishes to volunteer to help with any of the projects listed or to contribute material please contact the Adminitrator or Co-oprdinator for the individual scheme.  The OPC clerks of the Wiltshire scheme cannot help with queries for other projects.

Listed below are some of the county schemes that are up and running and more will be added as we become aware of them.

Established OPC Schemes

British Map











Sites Under Construction

Yorkshire  (commenced February 2013)

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