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Bishopstone (Swindon) - The OPC is John Pope

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Bishopstone - St. Mary the Virgin Church Bishopstone - St. Mary the Virgin Church

Bishopstone Photo Gallery

Contiguous Parishes (our neighbours)

Ashbury (BKS) - Baydon - Little Hinton - Shrivenham (BKS)

Village Location

To the east of Wanborough is Bishopstone (not to be confused with Bishopstone in the Chalke Valley).



Bishopstone with Hinton Parva Newsletter - News from around the parish
Bishopstone Parish Council - News from the Parish Council Meetings
Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - The Wiltshire County Archives for all historical documents and the place to obtain original copies
Wiltshire Community History - Historical information for parishes within the Wiltshire County jurisdiction.


The Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin

The church has an elaborate Norman doorway reset in the chancel, and a basin shaped Norman font. The church is in the main of the fifteenth century and has a west tower of no great elevation

Bishopstone is a charming village on the Berkshire border and should not be confused with the other Bishopstone in the Ebbe valley. The church (St Mary) is largely perpendicular and contains a Norman font and some old glass in the east widow of the south aisle. The bells were destroyed in a fire in 1891, but have since been replaced. The mechanism of the old clock, dated 1654, is preserved under the tower. Note good mass-dial on the buttress of the south aisle and a good Norman north doorway. [The Little Guide, published by Methuen, 1949]

St. Mary the Virgin Gallery St. Mary the Virgin Interior Gallery St. Mary the Virgin Churchyard Gallery
Churchyard Memorials Survey - with plot locations List of Footstone Inscriptions Inside Church - various memorial details
Prebendaries & Vicars List Departure of Rev. R. Corser 1879 Memorial Tablet to Rev. H. F. Beasley 1879
Churchyard Footpaths 1880 New Burial Laws Act 1880  

Parish History

John Aubreys Collections 1659-1670 (updated by Jackson 1862)

Bishopstone Postcards

If you have any pre 1920 postcards which you are willing to contribute to this section please contact John Pope

Postcard Gallery

Recommended Reading

An Introduction to the History of Bishopstone - by G I Parker, reprinted 2007

Just for a Lark & The Sparrow Hunters - by R H Wilson

From Farming Fields to Muddy Trenches - Bishopstone & Hinton in and around the Great War of 1914 - 1918 - by Karin Thompson & Paul Williams
This fully illustrated book commemorates the contribution of the people of Bishopstone and Hinton Parva to the Great War of 1914-18. The book provides biographical accounts of the men from the Parish who served in the First World War - 85 from Bishopstone and 35 from Hinton, including the 27 who died as a result of war - all set in the context of village life. Additional chapters cover life in the villages before and after the Great War and describes how parishioners supported those serving in the military.  It also provides an overview of the military experiences of men from the villages who served in the military between the 17th century and the early 20th century. Most did so voluntarily, but in some instances they served under compulsion.  The book is extensively illustrated, with many images taken during the first 30 years of the 20th century giving the reader an insight into life during those times. Published by Bishopstone and Hinton Parva Local History Group, 2014 ISBN: 978-0-9930975-0-8 - For further information visit: Hinton & Bishopstone in WWI

Buildings and Land

Enclosure Awards 1813 Inclosure Award Abstract 1813 Game Certificates 1839
Neate/Newbury/Povey Deeds  1849 The Court Baron 1857 No trespassing notice 1865
Owners of Land 1873 Listed Buildings Register 2005  

John Pope's Genealogy Resource Project - 1758 "Detailed Survey", currently based on Angers, Cue's and Pope's but a number of other surnames referred to
John Pope's Genealogy Resource Project - 1760 Map by Francis Howard Willington, list of furlongs in Bishopstone Manor
John Pope's Genealogy Resource Project - 1778 " Survey and Rental" with Index
John Pope's Genealogy Resource Project - 1793 "Poor rate" and "Land Tax" 

Bishopstone Circular Walk

The walk is waymarked "Ridgeway Circular Route" and covers about 5 miles. Visit the National Trail website for details

Fire Brigade



Ordnance Surveyor's Drawings 1811-1812

Property to Let

Water Mill to Let 1839

Property for Sale by Auction

Property Sale by Auction 1801 Property of Anger 1821 Two Closes for Auction 1848
Merriman Copyhold Estates for Sale by Auction 1852 and 1854 Taylor's implements for sale by auction 1855  
Cattle for Sale by Auction 1868 Crop Sale by Auction 1879 Property of Hibbard 1877

Public Houses

Public Houses Gallery

Sunken Floor at True Heart Inn 1846                 Norris's Supper at True Heart Inn 1865                     Royal Oak Inn for sale by Auction 1879


Crime and Legal Matters


Arson by Walston 1879                 Arson by Norris 1886


Policeman Assaulted at True Heart Inn 1865 Assault by Henry Herman 1874 Assaults by David Sawyer 1874 & 1878 Assaults by Charles Cockhead 1875 
Death of PC Andrew Hancock 1875 Assault on David Sawyer 1877    

Commercial Crime

Illegal Weights used by Robert Cousins 1878                  Illegal Weights used by Elizabeth Lawrence 1878

Court Cases

Ballard v. Smith 1860 Alder v. Ballard 1861 Slander Case Dore vs. Corser 1879 Disorder of Norrris and Belcher 1881
Povey v. Wood 1883 Stone v Wrigley 1886    
Watercress Cases

Watercress Beds Case Dore v Sawyer 1879                  Watercress Court Case David Sawyer 1879                   Watercress Court Case, Sawyer vs Wentworth 1879

Crime Reports

1700-1799                   1800-1849

General Crime

Destroying a garden fence 1861                 Drunkenness of Norris and Belcher 1881                 Hedge fire by Dowling and  Johnson 1887


Game Trespass by William Lafford 1875                 Mistaken Birds by Dance and Raisey 1878

Prisons and Prisoners

Inmates of Gloucester Gaol 1815-1879


Singular Circumstance of John Giles 1844 Embezzlement by Head 1858 Alleged StolenFleeces by Litton 1860 Fowl Play by Cue and Pepall 1877
Dishonesty of Farmer 1881 Stealing turnips 1881 King's lost watch 1885  



Post Office 1855               Post Office 1875               Kellys 1915               Swindon & District 1928



School Standards 1878


Emigration and Migration

Published in tables from the Poor Law Commissioners Annual Reports for 1835, 1836 and 1847-1848 the following may be of use for tracing missing ancestors.  56 paupers emigrated to Canada between July 1838 - April 1839 under the assisted emigration programme.  (These may also refer to the parish of Bishopstone (Nr. Wilton)

Strays Index  (please note that the people named in this file may possibly be from Bishopstone (Wilton)


Employment and Business

Sale of Stock of Joseph Lawrence 1879


Miscellaneous Documents

Richard Payne and Martha Jacob 1706 Order of Penance 


Non Conformity and Other Places of Worship

Primitive Methodist Chapel

Bishopstone Primitive Methodist Photo Gallery           The black and white images dated 1905 and 1925 were kindly supplied by Paul Williams.            The photograph of the Cheeshouse kindly supplied by Mogs Boon.

Election of Church Officers 1853-1867

Chapel History

The Chapel was part of the Faringdon Methodist Circuit. The original Chapel was opened to the south east of the village in 1833. It cost £65 6s 2 1/2d to build, the Superintendent when erected was Mr John Ride. There were 10 members in the Society, although the congregation was around 80.The building was was held by lease/lifehold of 3 lives with no ground rent with seating for 100 split into 68 for members and 32 free sitting.It was replaced by this Chapel in 1886. Now sited on the corner of Ichnield Way and High Street (south of the village). It possibly closed in 1966 (certainly by 1977) and is now a private house.Search for the original ChapelIt is thought that the original Chapel may have been located in the grounds of Eastbrook Farm. A recent search has been undertaken by Mogs Boon (local archivist) and Gwen Parker but the surviving old outhouses appear to be of the same age as the farmhouse, mid Victorian.However, there is thatched building adjacent to the road at the back entrance to the farm, seemingly of an earlier date, having chalk block walls and brick corners, a style known as clunch. It is 5.2m wide and 10.95m long but there are indications that at one time it was much longer. The building is known locally as the Cheesehouse as it was used by the Bishopstone Cheese Company for processing their products. It is now used by Bacon Wizard.If anybody has further information and/or pictures which they would like to donate to this page please contact me. Thankyou

Chapel Accounts

WSHC hold some yearly Chapel reports, reference 1614/430


The 1841 census shows that John Ride resided at Salem Place, St Mary's Parish, Reading, occupation Dissenting Minister.The 1861 census (RG9/1270/f17p27) lists James Hooleday as an Ag Lab and Primitive Methodist Preacher and his wife Sophia as a Methodist Teacher in Bishopstone. Interestingly John is entered as Holiday in 1851.  In 1881 his wife is named as Sarah.


People and Parish Notables

Bishopstone People

People Photo Gallery

Have you any early photographs or engravings of family members who were born in Bishopstone?  These are not only of great interest to researchers in the UK and Worldwide who cannot get to the parish in person, but they really do help the Bishopstone pages 'come alive'.  If you would like to share photographs of your ancestors (copyright credited and retained by contributor) please email me via the contact us tab at the top of the page and selecting Administrators from the drop down list.  Thank you


A Burnt Child of James Miles 1878                    Two Horse Accidents 1878

2 June 1815, at Bishopstone, Peter Cox died suddenly in the act of mowing grass [Source Coroner's Accounts for Wiltshire].          Note: the PR's show that he was born 17 September 1743, baptised 20 Nov 1743 son of John and Sarah. Buried Bishopstone 9 July 1815, aged 73 years.

Associations, Clubs, Organisations and Societies

Earl Kintore Hounds 1829                 Wiltshire Friendly Society Membership 1837-1871

Loyal True Heart Lodge of Oddfellows

Third anniversary advertisement 1880                          Anniversary Dinner 1884                     Hospital Sunday 1887


 Walter Cue 1852                    Arthur P. Penny 1892

Bishopstone Brass Band


Coroners Bills

County coroners were introduced in England in around 1194 once established other boroughs and liberties sought the right to have their own coroner.  Often in Medieval times the coroner also assumed the role of the sheriff and his duties weren't limited to holding inquests on dead bodies although almost a full time post they were unpaid for the duties apart from those that were deemed murder of manslaughter when they would receive 13s. 4d.   From the 24th June 1752 a law was passed allowing the coroner to claim £1 for every inquest they attended not held in a gaol and also to claim 9d per mile travel allowance from the place of residence.  Inquests held in any gaol were performed at a rate totalling no more than £1.  These costs were to be paid from the county rates.  In cases of homicide the coroner also received the former fee of 13s. 4d.  The coroners submitted their bills at the quarter session sittings for approval.  Coroners Bills 1752-1796

Elections and Polls

Voters List 1832                Voters Lists Revisions 1843                 Electoral Lists Revision Court 1902

Family Notices

1700-1799                 1800-1849                  1850-1899


Timely discovery of Randell 1886


William Belcher 1828 Henry Arrowsmith 1847 Robert Luker 1866 Annie Hewlett 1870 Daniel Waldron 1877
Robert Nash 1880 Sarah Collier 1880 Charles Beckett 1881    


Richard Cousins               James Holliday             William Dore 1889

Personal Family Research

Anger Family parish records covering Ashbury and Shrivenham (Berks)
Cue Family Covering Bishopstone and Shrivenham in the 18th and 19th century
Redford Family covering the children from Redford/Pope marriage


Poor Law, Charity and The Workhouse

Bishopstone Charities                 Medical Relief 1837               Poor Law Union Supplies 1847                   Public Assistance Administration 1948



Partial Details Taken from Various Probates

Administration Bonds

William Blagrove (Extract) 1790                Sarah Coles (Extract) 1799

Parishioners Wills 

Charles Purton Proved 1794          William Pope Proved 1811     Rebecca Pope Dated 1849    Elizabeth Archer Proved 1855         William Pope Proved 1851

Parishioners Wills (Extracts)
Pre 1699
Thomas Taylor Proved 1622 Richard Bacon Proved 1625 Christopher Edwards Proved 1629 John Horton Proved 1629
Annes Norris Proved 1629 John Airhart or Vicars Proved 1630 Ann Harke Proved 1633 Joane Tucker Proved 1633
Robert Arnoll Proved 1634 John Tucker Proved 1634 Dorothie Vickers Proved 1635 John Mannerd Proved 1637
Joane Brooks Proved 1667 Jone Tucker Proved 1667 Robert Tucker Proved 1667 Henry Greene Proved 1669
John Gybbs Proved 1669 Charles Young Proved 1669 John Spanswicke Proved 1670 Thomas Hull Proved 1672
Edward Thatcher Proved 1673 Jone Tucker Proved 1673 Ann Goddard Proved 1675 Isake Purton Proved 1675
John Purton Proved 1675 John Hull Proved 1678 Henry Keepe Proved 1678 Elizabeth Spanswicke Proved 1680
William Tucker Proved 1680 Robert Harding Proved 1681 Edmund Young Proved 1680 Mary Keepe Proved 1681
Mary Pressey Proved 1681 Petronella Young Proved 1681 William Norris Proved 1682 Tobias Tucker Proved 1684
William Dorrel Proved 1685 Peter Maton Proved 1685  Elizabeth Taylor Proved 1685 Oliver Hicks Proved 1685
Joane Browning Proved 1687 Hellen Purton Proved 1689  John Tucker Proved 1690 Emm Harris Proved 1694
William Harding Proved 1695 Margery Taylor Proved 1699     


1700 - 1799
Thomas Norris Proved 1701 Mary Tayler Proved 1701 John Rowland Proved 1702 Thomas Franklin Proved 1703
Thomas Chowles Proved 1705 Frances Greene Proved 1707 Shosanna Young Proved 1707 James Norris Proved 1708
Elizabeth Tucker Proved 1708 Sarah Hellary Proved 1711 John Spanswicke Proved 1717 William Wilson Proved 1717
Samuel Maton Proved 1719 William Green Proved 1720 Margarett Kent Proved 1720 Ann Fergison Proved 1723
William Cooper Proved 1726 Jone Durrill Proved 1726 Martin Spainswick Proved 1726 Ann Clements Proved 1727
Henry Taylor Dated 1727 John Taylor Proved 1727 John Browning Proved 1729 Stephen Taylor Proved 1729
William Piper Proved 1729 Henry Taylor Proved 1733 Jone Edmonds Proved 1735 Elizabeth Keep Proved 1735
Charles Tarrant Proved 1735 William Hull dated 1740 Thomas Goddard Proved 1744 Elizabeth Taylor Proved 1745
Thomas Smith Proved 1746      


1800 - 1899

Joshua Denly Proved 1799                John Belcher Proved 1807                 Sibyl Taylor Proved 1816


War, Conflict and Military Matters

War Memorials and Military Gallery 

Why the Poppy                 John Cue - British Army Record 1870

War Memorial

Remembrance to those who gave their lives in the Two World Wars.           Tablet located inside St. Mary's Church Roll of Honour Plaque


Civil Registration

1837-1898 Highworth Registration District
1898-Present Swindon Registration District


Registers held at WSHC

Baptisms 1573-2006
Marriages 1573-2003
Burials 1573-1952
Other Resources

Email me via the contact an OPC link for look ups on baptisms and burials


Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911




Further Census Transcriptions

1841:  North Wilts Online Census Project
1861:  North Wilts Online Census Project
1871:  North Wilts Online Census Project
1881:  no (freely available on FamilySearch)

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