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Brinkworth - The OPC is Pauline Witton

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Brinkworth - St. Michael and All Angels Brinkworth - St. Michael and All Angels

Brinkworth Photo Gallery

Contiguous Parishes (our neighbours)

Charlton - Dauntsey - Garsdon - Lea & Cleverton - Little Somerford - Lydiard Millicent - Lydiard Tregoze - Lyneham - Purton - Tockenham - Wootton Bassett



Duncan and Mandy Ball's - Website for images of St Michael & All Angels
GenUKI - For information relating to Wiltshire and Brinkworth
Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre - The Wiltshire County Archives for all historical documents and the place to obtain original copies
Wiltshire Community History - Historical information for parishes within the Wiltshire County jurisdiction.
University of Leicester's - Website for historical Wiltshire directories


The Parish Church of St. Michael and All Angels

St. Michael & All Angels Church Gallery

Please note Memorial Inscriptions Transcripts are from surviving headstones and other sources and kindly submitted by Pat Bulley

Memorial Inscriptions                  Churchyard Survey (Supplement)                

Parish Register Transcripts

Interesting Entries from the Parish Registers


1653-1674           1675-1699          1700-1724          1725-1749          1750-1774          1775-1799          1800-1824          1825-1849           1850-1899          1900-1910






1653-1699           1700-1749          1750-1799          1800-1849          1850-1899          1900-1999

Parish Registers held at WSHC

Baptisms 1653-1963
Banns 1754-1809
Marriages 1653-2001
Burials 1653-1999
BTs 1840-1864 held at Bristol Record Office


Parish History

Brinkworth includes the tithing of Grittenham


Civil Registration    

1837 - April 1936 Malmesbury Registration District
April 1936 - Present Chippenham Registration District 


Buildings and Land

Manor Rent Survey 1587 Manor Rent Survey 1602 Tithe Awards Overview 1840
Tithe Awards Schedule 1840 Tithe Awards Summary 1840
Owners of Land 1873
Matthews/Freeth Indenture 1879    



Ordnance Surveyor's Drawings 1813-1814               Ordnance Survey Map 1816                Ordnance Surveyor's Drawing North Wilts 1826


Crime and Legal Matters


Suspicious and Dangerous Fellow at Loose 1752                  Vagrant's Violent Conduct 1843


Bastardy Examinations 1852

Crime Reports

1700-1799                1800-1859                 

Prisons and Prisoners

Committed to Devizes House of Correction & New Prison 1800-1849                 Inmates of Gloucester Gaol 1815-1879                 Convicts for Transportation 1830



Post Office 1855                Post Office 1875                 Kellys 1915                 Swindon & District 1928                 Taylors 1941




Emigration and Migration

Published in tables from the Poor Law Commissioners Annual Reports for 1835, 1836 and 1847-1848 the following may be of use for tracing missing ancestors. 35 paupers emigrated to Canada under an assisted emigration programme in 1842, 34 in 1843 and 18 in 1847.

Strays Index


Employment and Business

Apprentices to London Livery Companies 1629-1722 British Postal Services Appointments 1737-1969 Game Licenses 1834
Police Sergeant Reakes Retires 1932    


Miscellaneous Documents


Non Conformity and Other Places of Worship

Primitive Methodist Chapel     Baptisms 1829-1837  (IGI Batch No. C077631)


People and Parish Notables


Accidents 1800-1849

Associations, Clubs, Organisations and Societies

Wiltshire Friendly Society Membership 1837-1871 

Census Returns Transcripts

1841          1851

Coroners Bills

County coroners were introduced in England in around 1194 once established other boroughs and liberties sought the right to have their own coroner.  Often in Medieval times the coroner also assumed the role of the sheriff and his duties weren't limited to holding inquests on dead bodies although almost a full time post they were unpaid for the duties apart from those that were deemed murder of manslaughter when they would receive 13s. 4d.   From the 24th June 1752 a law was passed allowing the coroner to claim £1 for every inquest they attended not held in a gaol and also to claim 9d per mile travel allowance from the place of residence.  Inquests held in any gaol were performed at a rate totalling no more than £1.  These costs were to be paid from the county rates.  In cases of homicide the coroner also received the former fee of 13s. 4d.  The coroners submitted their bills at the quarter session sittings for approval.  Coroners Bills 1752-1796

Elections and Polls

Poll of Freeholders 1772             Voters List 1832                  Voters Lists Revisions 1843                  MP Nominations 2015

Family Notices


General Items

Knight Compositions 1628                   Secrets of Farming Book Subscribers 1863                   Residents Mentioned in Kilvert's Diary 1870-1879

Parish Notables

Roger Scruton - Philosopher and Writer

Personal Research Items

Tuck Family Research Burial Extracts - This item was donated by Ken Tuck and contains entries that may or may not relate to the Tuck family however they have been published as such.  Many refer to Quaker burials found across the county


Pony Gymkhana and Sports 1937


Brinkworth & Grittenham Tax List 1332                 Falstone Day Book 1645-1653             


Poor Law, Charity and The Workhouse

Tenders for Medical Service 1837 Election of Guardians 1837 Election of Guardians 1844
Nomination of Guardians 1886    



National Probate Index 1858-1966

Inquisitions Post Mortem of Lands Held

Richard Walrond 1640

Parishioners Wills

1500 - 1599

Andrewe Barnes 1563 William Gele 1563 Richard Barnes 1570
John Pinnell 1570 Michell Thorne 1570 Jone Norbone 1572
Robert Lewen 1580 Elizabeth Foscot 1584 Jone Webb 1591

1600 - 1649

Thomas Beale 1602 George Wilshere 1602 Agnes Dobbes Proved 1603 with Inventory
Elinor Beale 1605 John Hayes 1607 Raphe Pynnell 1609
John Skull 1610 Geoffrey Clarke 1611 David Lewen 1612
Geoffrey Skull 1616 John Wayte The Younger 1616 William Davis (alias Taylor) 1617
William Henly 1617 Margery Pynnell 1617 Henry Pynnell 1618
Richard Pinnell 1619 Alice Scull 1619 Alice Wilshere 1621
John Richman 1626
Richard Sherer 1628
John Fry 1630
William Skull Proved 1631
Thomas Davis (alias Taylor) 1632
John Ayliffe 1635
Anthony Fry 1636
William Barnes 1638 Jeffery Henly 1638
Anthony Beale 1639
Edward Sherer 1639
Jone Skull 1639
Agnes Clarke Proved 1640 with Inventory
Arthur Ayliffe 1645
Henry Waite Proved 1649

1650 - 1699

William Beale Proved 1650-51 (Nuncupative)
Alice Skull proved 1650-51 Jeffery Ody (Nuncupative) Proved 1653
Richard Ody Proved 1653 Agnes Bleeke 1655 Francis Ayliffe 1658
Robert Pantinge Proved 1660
Alexander Hendley Proved 1681

1700 - 1799

John Weekes Proved 1763 Thomas Nichols 1785  

1800 - 1899

Undecimus Stratton Proved 1808 Sarah Stratton Proved 1830  


War, Conflict and Military Matters

War Memorials & Military Gallery

Why the Poppy                Brinkworth War Memorial                Roll of Honour Plaques               War Effort Events 1916



Buildings and Land

Notice of Intended Construction of the Wilts & Berks Canal 1793          Tithe Awards Schedule 1840


Crime and Legal Matters

Crime Reports 1800-1849          



See also under Main Section

Taylors 1941


People and Parish Notables 

Coroners Bills 1752-1796

Inquest Reports

George Body 1846

Personal Research Items

Tuck Family Research Burial Extracts - This item was donated by Ken Tuck and contains entries that may or may not relate to the Tuck family however they have been published as such.  Many refer to Quaker burials found across the county



National Probate Index 1858-1966

Parishioners Wills

Adam Henly Proved 1781          Jacob Henly Proved 1783


 War, Conflict and Military Matters

Soldiers Who Died in WWI Named in Calne & District Casualty Lists

Extract of Letter from Purton in Wilts, April 9  



A very suspicious and dangerous fellow has been for some time past, and still is, lurking about this Neighbourhood and particularly of late in and about the woods and contiguous hovels, calves houses & c. near the commons of Brinkworth and Braydon.  On Thursday the 2nd instant he rushed out of the woods on some children who were keeping cows near a place called Lydiard Plain and seized their basket of victuals threatening them in case of an outcry, that they should want victuals no more.  He was likewise on Saturday morning last seen in a hovel with a woman who goes about begging under various pretences; and with this Woman he has been seen at different times by different persons.  He is said to be a tall, thin, pale pock-fretten young man wearing a ragged, bluish coat and upon the strongest reasons, he is believed to be one Baxter, formerly of Highworth and one of the persons charged with robbery and murder of Carey the Higler.


London Evening Post 14th-16th Apr 1752

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