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Tuesday, 31 July 2012 20:30

Latest News From The Admin Team - Updated 31st December 2017

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Here you will find all the latest news from the admin team.

16th February 2018

Please welcome Su Cooper to the team of OPC's.  Su has been working on transcripts for us recently but has now decided to adopt the parish of Tollard Royal.  

31st December

Would like to welcome two new OPC's to the team for 2018 - Mary Williams has adopted Marlborough St. Mary and Michael Ambrose is to oversee South Damerham - on behalf of our users and our team we wish you both a productive and fulfilling tenure.

I must also thank everyone who has donated to the fund to keep the website up and running we have raised in the region of £665 in just 3 months (less Just Giving fees).  This money will be used over time to maintain, develop and rebuild the website (the platform we use at present is outdated and too expensive to upgrade).  Richard Cresswell is the new webmaster and is rebuilding the site which will be launched at some point in 2018.  

John Pope is co-ordinating a project to build on the census information held on the parish pages so if anyone would like to volunteer to to a bit of transcribing please contact him via the website contact list.   Of course we have lots of smaller items that can be done if you don't want to commit to a census in that case contact Teresa Lewis from the contact lists. 

We wish everyone a very happy, productive and fulfilling 2018

29th October

Two things - Firstly I must sadly announce that the Consultant for Market Lavington Parish - Rog Frost passed away sometime ago.  Sadly we were not informed at the time and he will be missed so much not just by this website but by the museum that he was curator of in Market Lavington for many years. 

The second item is that there may be some disruption over the next few weeks whilst we move the website on to it new era.  For more details on what is happening take a look at the home page, the blog and our Facebook page.

14th July

Eric Read the OPC for Barford St. Martin & Fovant has now also adopted the parish of Swallowcliffe.

18th June

Welcome to Tara Frugalone who has decided to join us as OPC for Purton.  

7th June 

We are pleased to welcome Chris Dallimore to our team of OPC's.  Chris will take on the parish of Chippenham and we hope his time with us is a long, enjoyable and successful one

28th May

The OPC for Allington, Cholderton and Newton Tony, Corrinne Goodenough, has decided to give up her parishes since she is relocating to Yorkshire in the near future.  We wish her all good wishes and that her move is an enjoyable and successful one.  We thank her for her contribution to the website and hope that she will continue to visit our website when she can.

11th April

Please welcome Pam Debenham to our team of OPC's - Pam has taken over the parish of Cricklade from Jean Strong who has decided to step aside since Pam is a fount of knowledge on the parish.  Jean is remaining with us as a team member and at present will be assisting in whatever way she can.  Thanks Jean for all the effort you put in and finding new resources that the Project can make use of. 

5th March

Welcome to the team Claire Young who has adopted the parish of Enford.  We hope she finds the role enjoyable 

2nd March

We are pleased to announce that Mandy Yeates is upgrading from transcriber for the project to OPC for Winterslow.  We hope that she will enjoy her time as part of our growing team. 

10th February 2017

Some sad and some good news - Firstly I have received the resignation of OPC Jean Barnwell for the parishes of Beechingstoke, Mildenhall, South Newton and West Harnham.. Jean has been a team member for over 5 years and we shall miss her.  On the bright side Jean has found a replacement OPC for West Harnham and we welcome Brian Fisk to the team.  Brian is local to West Harnham so will have much local knowledge to impart.

27th November

Please welcome Carol Ouellet to the team as OPC for West Lavington.

8th September

Sadly Lynne Leggett OPC for Yatton Keynell has been forced to resign her parish due to ill health.  We thank her most profoundly for the input she made whilst custodian of her parish.

7th September

Roger Jones has taken the advantage of the annual team review to leave the parishes of Seagry and Stanton St. Quintin.   Roger has been with the OPC team almost from its inception in around 2006.  May we wish him all good wishes for the future.  He has assured me that he will visit the site from time to time and he he finds anything of interest anywhere he will let us know.  Thanks you Roger your input has been amazing over ten years.

28th August

Two pieces of news - firstly a very sad one.  Regrettably I have recently been informed of the very sudden death of former OPC Jan Oliver.  Jan had left the OPC project about a year ago to pursue her own website.  She was a great researcher and her newspaper background helped her tremendously.  She will be missed across the genealogy world by many people.  Our sympathy lies with her family.    On a brighter note we would like to welcome Richard Cresswell to our admin team.  Richard has taken on the role of assistant administrator as we felt we needed back up in this area.  Richard is settling into the role taking over a few daily tasks and getting used to our system. 

16th August 2016

Sadly for the project Dale Renfree OPC for Tytherton Kellaways has decided to resign his position with us as he can no longer commit time to the project due to work commitments.  We wish him well for the future. 

10th May 2016

We are pleased to welcome to the team of OPC's Diane LaFeber who will be the new OPC for Tisbury & Wardour and Tony Horne who has taken the rein at Grittleton.  We hope they enjoy being part of the project and we look forward to their input.

30th April 2016

We are pleased to have Alison West join the OPC team.  Alison has agreed to adopt the parish of Colerne and will start to build on the resources of that page. 

22nd February 2016

If anyone has any issues with our website please contact in the first instance Teresa Lewis (Admin Manager) for anything regarding the contents of the website or for any technical issues please contact Susan Pearson (Webmistress).  Both may be contacted via the Contact Us Tab on the home page.    If there is something about the site you like then please tell others if not please tell us and we can try and put things right.

21st January 2016

New and updated templates for recording various items of interest have been added to the templates section.  If you can't find what you need then let the administrator know and one could be made up.

17th January 2016

As most of you will be aware just before Christmas we had news of the sad death of David Palmer one of our OPC's.  Jenny Todd has agreed to takeover one of David's parishe, that of Hankerton.  We welcome Jenny to to th team and we hope she finds the role rewarding.

7th October 2015

The annual review of OPC's has now been completed and sadly we have lost 6 OPC's in total.  If anyone has queries on parishes where formerly there was an OPC in place please contact the administrator who will try and assist.  

6th October 2015

We welcome Rosemary Potter to the team of OPC's.  Rosemary has decided to adopt North Bradley and we look forward to her input and ideas.  As with all new OPC's please give her a chance to settle in.

29th September 2015

After 7 years working with the OPC Project Jan Oliver sadly decided to move on and create her own website, and has now resigned her parishes.  Her input will be greatly missed as will all OPC's who have decided to move on.  Sadly Jan has also requested that her material be removed from this website as it is now freely available on the Wiltshire Footprints Website.  If anyone needs further information please contact Jan via her website or contact the administrator.

27th September 2015

Paul Vivash has now taken on the role of OPC for Tidworth.  

21st September 2015

Welcome to new OPC Rosie Young who has become OPC for Pewsey.  Sadly Cathy Sedgwick has decided to step down as OPC for all her parishes.  Her input will be missed both as admin and as an OPC.  We wish her well in her new ventures whatever she decides to do in the future.   Eileen Barnett has also decided to step down as OPC for Wilton, however fortunately for us she will remain as OPC for Chilmark.  Dale Renfree has stepped down from his role at Kington Langley and has now adopted the parish of Tytherton Kellaways.

1st September 2015

Sad to say that Diane Vose has decided to vacate the parish of Edington due to her work commitments.  We wish her every success for the future and hope she will come back at some stage in the future.  The team thank her for her input over the years.

25th August 2015

We welcome Belinda Norman tot he team of OPC's.  Belinda is to take on the parish of Fisherton Delamere.

23rd August 2015

We welcome Luisha White to the team of OPC's.  Luisha will take over the roll of OPC for Broad Town and Clyffe Pypard.  Please allow her a little time to settle in and start gathering the resources.

16 June 2015

Paul Vivash has now agreed to adopt the parish of Great Bedwyn.  Paul has in the past helped in the compilation of the Church of England Clergy Database.  Paul is also supplying information for the parishes of Collingbourne Ducis, North Tidworth and Shalbourne as and when he finds something useful.  Welcome to the team Paul

10th June

We are pleased to announce that John Corfield has volunteered and has adopted the parish of Staverton.  John is the husband of Liz who has been an OPC for a while now.

15th April 2015

Teresa Lewis, Administrator will be away from Thursday 16th April PM and Monday 20th April AM - if there are any urgent inquiries please direct these to either Cathy Sedgwick (admin) or Susan Panter (Webmaster) - TY

15th April 2015

Urgent Notice

Two things that need addressing as a matter of urgency.  Firstly when submitting anything anything for publication to this web site please ensure that there are no copyright issues.  It is the responsibility for all contributors to ensure that there is no breach of copyright law.  A rough guide is that nothing maybe used entirely or in part from books etc. where the author is still living or hasn't been deceased for 75 years.  Some copyright exists after the 75 years deceased rule - a good example of which is Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie the copyright was transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital so written permission for use of such material must be sought.  Photographs and postcards are the copyright of the person taking the photograph or the publisher.  

The second thing I must ask all contributors and OPCs to please use the templates provided where possible (downloadable from the home page) when submitting items for upload.  This will assist the speedy upload of items as admin will not need to transfer and format etc.   The font and text size is also important - please use font arial and size 10 apart from headings and special required effects such as advertisement transcriptions.  The reason why we have sent arial 10 as the format is because when the item is converted to pdf format the size of the text actually increases.  Anything larger than font size 10 results in the text becoming enormous when converted. 

Thanks to all for your efforts it is much appreciated and the success of this site is down to you all

2nd March 2015

Pauline Witton one of our amazing transcribers has decided to adopt Brinkworth - we wish her good luck.

26th February 2015

We have another volunteer join us as OPC for Sutton Benger.  Welcome to Ria Cabral.  We also welcome Maureen Withey to the team, Maureen has in the past been a transcriber for us and has now adopted three parishes , Collingbourne Kingston, Great Wishford and Homington, knowing Maureen she will have loads to add in a very short space of time.

25th February 2015

As you can see from the home page we are attempting to recruit a few more OPCs if not transcribers.  We have had a few people take interest in several of our parishes and we are happy to announce that Karin Merz will take on the parish of Longbridge Deverill.  Chilton Foliat has also been adopted by Brian Watts alongside his parish of Ramsbury, Brian will also be assisting with a few of the admin tasks we feel can be passed on to someone else to manage.  Little Langford has also been adopted by a current OPC, Ian Mankin who was overseeing Steeple Langford.  Other parishes may be adopted within the next few days so fingers crossed. 

2nd February 2015

Firstly we would like to welcome Kay Lewis to our team of OPC's, Kay has kindly offered to oversee Fisherton Anger.   Secondly and sadly each year I do a check amongst OPCs to check they are still interested in their parishes since we know circumstances change and other things become a priority.  5 OPC's have had e-mails bounce back and upon double checking these e-mails no longer exist, I have reluctantly had no choice but to put their parishes back up for adoption, the nature of this site requires OPC's to have a current contact address for our users to get in touch (not often I know but some do get queries often).  Am still waiting confirmation from several others so more parishes may be opened to adoption again.  Those who have left us I wish all the very best to in the future whatever they are pursuing.

23rd January 2015

We are pleased to welcome Ian Mankin to the OPC team - he is now the OPC for Steeple Langford

21st October 2014

Please check the updated events calendar for talks and fairs relevant to Wiltshire.

24th May

The parish of Stapleford has recently been adopted by Royleen Wolksi.  Royleen has roots in the parish with connections to the Street Family.

21st May

If anyone is currently transcribing records for us and its not on the Transcripts in hand page could you let te admin team know so we don't get duplication of efforts as a few items lately have been submitted but already on the parish page.  Thank you.

20th May

The Parish of Ramsbury has been taken on by Brian Watts who has ancestors from the parish and surrounding areas.

13th May

The parish of Avebury has been adopted by new volunteer Louise Pletts.  Louise has been researching her own tree for awhile now and has connections to the parish.

23rd April 

We are pleased to announce that the parish of Christian Malford has been adopted by Hayley Wood.  Please allow Hayley time to settle in to start her research.

20th April

We welcome Jane Davies to the team of OPCs.  jane had been transcribing records for Cherhill and decided she would like to adopt the parish herself.

1st April

Sadly we announce the resignation for personal reasons of Susan Rodgers OPC for Monkton Farleigh and Winsley.  We thank her for her efforts over the months she has been with us and wish her well for the future.

28th March

A new OPC has joined us for the parish of Atworth, welcome Samantha Butler to the team.  Also Cathy Sedgewick has now added Chicklade to her list of parishes.  

11th March

A big welcome to Dale Renfree who has adopted the parish of Avebury.  We wish him a successful time with the team.

27th February 

New and updated templates have been added to the downloadable section

24th February

Marion Swindells OPC for Teffont Evias and Magna has also adopted the parish of Burcombe.

15th February 

Liz Corfield OPC for Holt & Semington has added Great Chalfield and Whaddon to her adopted parishes.  Please allow her a little time to gather information

21st January

Over the last few days the following parishes have found OPC's to care for them - Little Cheverell has been adopted by John Bickerton, Idmiston and Porton have been taken on by Tony Goodenough and Teresa Lewis has taken up the rein at Seend but is willing to hand this over to anyone else who shows an interest at a later stage.  A big welcome to everyone - we also have a several new transcribers so a big welcome to them too.  Jonathan Reeves has decided for the time being that Wootton Bassett is a big project to take on so has decided to transcribe for awhile to get used to the way we do things.  Transcribers joining us other than Jonathan include Ursula Nield and Sami.  Alton Peiors has now been combined with Alton Priors and Duncan McBurney is going to build on both parishes.    

6th January 

Eileen Barnett has adopted the parish of Wilton.

4th January 2014

It is with great pleasure to welcome Linda De Santiz to our team of OPCs.  Linda is very keen to build on the information for the parish of Melksham.  

30th December 

The end of 2013 has brought us another welcomed OPC.  Jonathan Reeve is going to oversee the Wootton Bassett parish.  We wish him a very successful 2014.

15th December 

We would like to say a big thank you and welcome to our latest team member.  Nic Croome has volunteered to take on the parish of Chilton Foliat.  As with all new OPCs please be patients whilst Nic gathers information for publication.

23rd November

Duncan McBurney has now adopted the parishes of Wilsford (Pewsey) and North Newnton.

19th November

Due to its proximity to WWI Army Camps Cathy Sedgwick has also adopted the parish of Sutton Mandeville

18th November

Cathy Sedgwick has decided to adopt the parish of Upton Lovell please allow her a little time to start gathering information

15th November

Marilyn Prime OPC for Sutton Veny has now adopted the parish of Westwood 

12th November

Some great news - thanks to the Register of One Place Studies we have been able to spread the news about the Wiltshire OPC Project - The Register has linked each of our parish pages to their web site giving us a further opportunity for people to find us and use the information our OPC's and transcribers have worked hard to source, prepare and publish.  Thanks to Martin for his hard work in making this link between our two web sites possible

23rd October

We would like to welcome Corrinne Goodenough to the team of OPC's - Corrinne has adopted the parishes of Allington, Cholderton and Newton Tony.  We all look forward to her input.

20th October

Sadly Malcolm Lay has been in touch to say that due to ill health he can no longer continue as OPC for Enford.  We wish him every best wish for a full recovery and hope that he will keep in touch. 

16th October

It saddens me to announce that Sheridan Parsons has decided not to continue her role as OPC for Wootton Bassett.  We wish her good luck in the future with her other Wootton Bassett interests.

10th October 

Please welcome to our OPC team - John Dear.  John has adopted three parishes, Durnford, Wildford cum Lake and Woodford.  We wish all the best in his role.  Please note that John has adopted parishes that already have some content on the pages so will need a little timeto absorb the information before being able to accept any inquiries relating to them.  

28th September

Please welcome Sheridan Parsons to the team of OPC's.  Sheridan has adopted the Parish of Royal Wootton Bassett and has already commenced adding information tot he parish page.  Also we have had a change of OPC for the parish of Baverstock, John Lane has moved aside for Cathy Sedgwick.  John is for the time being remained inplace for Donhead St. Andrew but in an advisory capacity only due to work commitments.

16th September

Firstly the monthly documents upload list has been updated on the home page so far there are 200 plus new and amended documents for you to browse through.  Secondly and most significantly you will have noticed the new look Home Page.  For a long time the Webmaster has been trying to design a front page that is more user friendly and interactive.  The page is still not 100% what we would like but it's certainly getting there.  The idea is that the three sections of latest document updates are shown as images rather than text links (both do the same but we feel the imagery is the way forward).  By hovering your mouse over the images in the Recent Updates Section each picture when clicked on will take you to the parish page.  The parish name appears as you hover over each one.  The other two sections you can click on the image to find out more (one or two of these are not available to public view and are for the OPC team and transcribers only. In each case the latest item to be updated ine ach category will appear to the far left of the screen becoming the first image of the line.  Some people may find these images distorted depending on the browser you use - the site is best viewed using Google Chrome.  Your screen resolution may need to be adjusted too depending on your requirements.

11th September

As returning users would have noticed we have had a bit of a facelift nothing drastic just making better use of the space we have available on the home page.  We hop you all approve.    We would also like to welcome David Palmer to the team of OPC's, David has adopted the parish of Hankerton.  David is not an entirely new member to our team as he has been working with us as a transcriber for several months.  Knowing Davids' eye for detail Hankerton is going to benefit much from his input - Welcome David.

28th August

It was is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Mr. Keith Sims on 21st August.  Keith was an avid family historian tracing his roots in the Alvediston area.  He very kindly donated items for transcription to this site for which we are most grateful.  Our deepest sympathy lies with his daughter Kay and family.  Kay has asked me to now refer anyone interested in Keith's research to her via her father's contact details in the contact us section.

24th August

Jan Oliver has now adopted the parishes of Winterbourne Earls, Winterbourne Dauntsey and Winterbourne Gunner.

Lost Cousins Newsletter are now available in the Newsletters Section

9th August

Lost Cousins Newsletter - a new newsletter for August

8th August

New templates have been added tot he downloadable section as well as some updated items 

31st July

Here is another Lost Cousins Newsletter - hopefully time permitting I will link back issues of the newsletter to our site.  Some really interesting and informative articles can be found in amongst Peter's writings.

29th July 

The monthly documents uploaded and amended list has been updated on the home page.  A mind boggling 535 documents have been added or updated with new information with more to be loaded over the next few days.

29th July 

Great News - The little parish of Pertwood now has someone to care and nurture it. 

23rd July

Have just updated the uploaded document list for July. Already we are up to £410 updated and new items to parish pages - well done to the OPC and transcribers who have contributed so much 

18th July 

I though it might be worth sharing the newsletter from the Lost Cousins Site so there you go.  Peter keeps up with all things genealogical on many different levels.  Its a great site too for finding people researching the same names and even same research as yourselves.  

15th July 

Check out the new family tree feature under interact.  It is now possible to submit gedcom format trees for inclusion onto the site for more information contact the administrator.

3rd July

We welcome Duncan McBurney to the team of OPC's - Duncan has adopted the parishes of Alton Barnes, Manningford and Woodborough.  

30th June

As from Friday 5th July the administrator will be taking a short break and will be back ont he 10th July.  Teresa will be winding down between now and the 5th July.  During her absence please contact the webmaster if anything tecnical requires urgent attention.  Or for anything else urgent please contact one of the OPC's for assistance.  The OPC's will not be able to load any new items.  The adminstrator will attend to these on her retrun in the order they have been sent in.  Thank you for you co-operation whilst she is away.

23rd June

Monthly uploads list has been updated (this month includes many revamped items and lots of trade directory entries)

14th June 

Monthly uploads list has been updated (this month includes many revamped items)

9th June

Monthly Uploads list for June has been updated. 

27th May

The monthly list of new and updated documents loaded tothe website has been updated on the home page

18th May 

It is with great sadness that Wiltshire OPC has to announce the standing down of Ruth Ranger as OPC for many of our parishes due to a shoulder injury that has failed to heal properly.  Ruth was involved with the Wiltshire Project almost from its birth and contributed muach of the content of parish pages over the years.  Her liaison with the record office and non cnformist churches for the Chippenham area in particular has been invaluable.  She has promised that if things improve and her parishes are not taken on by anyone else then she will be willing to help out again.  She has stepped down as she feels that she can no longer reply to the many inquiries that she once dealt with.  She will of course always help when and if she can.  On behalf of everyone involved with the project we wish her well and hope that she is able to work withus once more.  Thank you Ruth for all your hard work from everyone - that includes our users and the rest of the team.

18th May

The monthly newly added and updated documents list has been updated on the home page. 

14th May

New and updated templates have been added to the downloadble documents section.  These include confirmations, voters list and Population figures

10th May

The Monthly Newly Uploaded Document List has been Updated - so far this month we have added or updated 123 items - well done to the team of OPC's who are working very hard to find new and interesting snippets of information

1st May

Anyone researching the Trowbridge area will be pleased to learn that Judith Kennerdale has adopted the Trowbridge parish as OPC.  As she is new to the post please give her time to settle in before any requests are sent in.  She would of course love to hear from you if you have any resources you would like to donate to her parish.

25th April 

Patricia Aldridge has joined our team of OPC's agreeing to take charge of Corsham Parish.  Since Patricia is new please give her tiome to gather information before sending her inquiries of any kind.  Thank you 

23rd April 

We are pleased to welcome Melissa Coate to our team of OPCs.  Melissa is very excited about adopting the parish of Westbury.  As with all new team members please allow her time to settle in before sending in the inquiries.

19th April

New templates have been added to the downloadable section and the census templates have now all been updated to included coyright and heading

9th April 

A New Template for recording population figures has been added to the downloadable templates section.  Several Templates have been updated recently

30th March

Anne-marie Hayes OPC for Highworth and Sevenhampton has now also adopted the parish of Stanton Fitzwarren 

24th March

The Monthly Newly Uploaded Documents List has been updated on the home page.  Several new census returns and newspaper items have been added amongst over interesting bits and pieces.

20th March

We welcome Yvonne Mitchell to the team of OPCs. Yvonne has adopted the parish of Dilton with Dilton Marsh.

10th March

Monthly Newly Uploaded Documents List has been updated on the home page.

10th March

Monthly Newly Uploaded Documents List has been updated on the home page.

28th February

We wish to announce that Susan Rodgers has joined us as OPC for Winsley and Linda Hull has adopted Milton Lilborne we look forward to their contribution.

25th February

Banns and Baptisms Templates have been updated in the Downloadable Document Section under BMD's.

23rd February

New and updated documents list has been updated on the home page

We welcome Daniel Robson to our team of OPC's. Daniel is to take on the parish of Milford and will be assisted by his grandmother Linda. Its great to see young talent joining the project.

21st February

New additions have been made to the site including the calendar section. Here you can find out about upcoming online events and also registered users can add their loved ones to the book of remembrance section to be remembered on their anniversary. Please note that these are people who should have a connection to Wiltshire in some way. Please take a look at the book of remembrance link under the calendars link on the interact menu to get the idea.

The profile section has also been expanded there is space for you to add an introduction to yourself on one of the tabs (I know we also connect through facebook but for those non facebook people the site is hoping to help encourage the friendships you are forming through it's use.) You then have the option to make connections with others who have similar interests as yourself and share personal messages without having to disclose your email address. If you have any questions please do contact Teresa or myself. Thanks, Susan (website co-ordinator)

Due to personal reasons Anne-marie Hayes OPC for Sevenhampton and Highworth is taking some time away from the web site. If anyone needs to contact her for research queries she will deal with these on her return. If anything urgent is required then please contact the administrator of the web site. Thank you

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